Description: This is an OG set going way back to the early days of this very forum. Originally set up by Simans82 and I on his 300, it was a groundbreaking layout until we moved it over to my Charger where I enjoyed it for 100,000 miles. Who says you can't daily drive on bags?!

This is NOT a plug-n-play setup. Best used for someone who's looking for various pieces and parts or wants to add a couple of piece to get it going. Shipping will likely eat up half of the sales price.

The biggest features:
-Custom BT switch plate to go in the Charger's pocket to the right of the shifter. Includes the memory of the painstaking hours I spent wiring and soldering the wiring.
-Dakota Digital guage that covers each corner and tank pressure with a custom ashtray plate
-5 Gallon stainless tank. They stopped making them this nice (and expensive) a long time ago (to my knowledge)

These items alone are worth the price but here are the other things to know:
-Bags are of various age/mileage. Some are pretty new, one bag could stand to be replaced
-Struts were custom made by Koni for this setup way back when. They are shot, done, dead. A bolt was siezed in one even that I had to cut off. I am still including them because you may be able to ship them back to Koni for a rebuild. They'll get you lower than others.
-There are enough air valves and parts included to build two valve blocks. Probably not but the point is there are a LOT of extra parts here
-Includes custom cut floor piece to house all valves and tank in spare tire well
-Most wiring needed is included. I wired the switch block in under the driver's seat
-The end of this system was when a compressor shorted and the fuse didn't blow causing some meltdown. The "good" compressor is included
-6' hose included to attach a nitrogen tank or other air source

Disclaimer - This is not new, it's not ready to go without adding blood/sweat/tears/replacement parts, it comes with no instructions, it doesn't come with install, it doesn't come with tech support (PMs for help will go unanswered). I'm still rocking the same Charger 13yrs later but this is taking up space and needs to go somewhere one way or another.

Shipping FedEx ground to the lower 48 states. It'll come in several boxes, some of which are heavy (your local FedEx guy will hate me). Payment sent via PayPal gift.

Price (USD): $500

Location: Nashville, TN
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $0