Description: I have an AB revision of a Mopar iPod Kit for 1st gen LXs from 05-07 or any Mopar from 04-08 or possibly later that have any of the radios with the following sales codes. RAQ, RAK, REC, and REF. This is the best integration solution if you still have your old 30-pin iPod or just looking for a AUX input for your LX. This was removed from my Magnum still working however the iPod signal had a slight hum/interference that was only in the Magnum and wasn't too noticeable in the 300 (as I have an AC revision in the SRT).
Currently looking for $160 shipped OBO Paypal
I ended up with an iSimple version for the Magnum for the RCA connectors and have had this kicking around for awhile. Either with a bluetooth dongle or an iPod 30-pin bluetooth dongle this could also steam Pandora or Spotify.

Price (USD): $160

Location: Chicago
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $0