Hi Guys,
I have been searching the forums to find some info, and to locate some parts for a few 4.L engines I am working on.
The first is going in one of the 6 Pacifica's I have, a loaded 2004 model that has a bad engine in it.
That will be a mild build, with just an overbore and an Hot Rodded and milled head, and that is about it.
The other 2 will be a good bit modified.
Much head work, including wider seats and valves with the chambers to match for max flow.
Both will be about 4.2L when done.
The bottom end is on the drawing board, but the major head work is routine, as I've been doing head-work for 50 yrs. now.
What I'm looking for is a source for cams, and haven't found any yet.
In the past I've called Ron Iskenderian, and he has ground whatever I needed, but was wanting to see what was available.
Isky has ground cams for me for various different Hemis in the past, including Dodge and DeSoto engines, both blown, and injected, or both.
I have been building Hemis since the '1960's and drove a Ford T Roadster with a Hilborn injected Chrysler Hemi to the first 4 Street Rod Nationals.
I recently sold my '67 Cuda which went to a private museum in New Zealand, see the link for an online article done on it when I had it on ebay, and the car was also featured in a 2012 Mopar Action magazine, and I have a website for when I was building it.

I'm not really a forum guy, so forgive me, but I send 12-14 hrs a day in the shop working, and in between home schooling my 6yr old twins, so I don't have the luxury of chatting much.
But figured I give this a try, and if I can be of help with any old Hemi stuff I'll be glad to pass on my experience.
Thanks for having me, and Cheers to all!
Fran Olson
BangShift.com Hurri-Cain II Altered Wheelbase '67 Barracuda