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    Alaskan New Guy.

    Straight out of Fairbanks, it’s me, ya boy Fonz. Since about 2012 I started a journey to find a car. After living in Alaska all my life, I gave up trying to be a “truck” guy. I am a car guy, and damn it I wanted a car I could drive year round up here, so that ment AWD was mandatory. FWD and RWD ain’t for me on the ice. Been there, done that. Also mandatory was a good, American sounding V8. I tried all the turbo 4 and 6 cylinders cars. I even tried some of the small a European V8 cars. It just didn’t have that old school, set you back in your seat, torq and sound I needed. I have kids, so 4 doors are mandatory too. Well I settled on finding a first gen Chrysler 300. I like the powerful and masculine look over the second gen. Chargers are cops cars to me, I can’t drive a car and see a cop pull up next to me in the same thing. Sorry, not sorry. Trying to find a Chrysler 300, with a Hemi, AWD, and most importantly, NO tan interior proved to be difficult. Well, after 7 years I finally found her. I paid too much, but the mileage was only 63,000 miles so I happily paid the price. I’m not excited about the White paint, but it’s growing on me. It has a classy look and feel to it. It came with Black interior and is 100% bone stock. I just had the windows tinted and have a new chrome gril on the way. My intention is to keep the modifications mild, and stock looking. I’m dangerously close to “mid-life” and last thing I want is for my beautiful, classy car to come off as a mid life crisis. All I have planned in the future are new wheels, cold air intake, 6.1 intake manifold swap, cam, full exhaust, tune, and Audio upgrades. I look forward to being here for a long time, because my wife will have to pry my 300 keys out of my cold dead hands if it’s ever going away.
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    Welcome from Phoenix!
    2012 300 SRT8: 22" Vossen wheels, Nitto 420 265/35/22 front and 295/30/22 rear, SLP Bigmouth II exhaust, Tuned by Hemifever, Mishimoto 180° stat, Legmaker Tru CAI.
    I am silently correcting you're gramar and speling.

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    Welcome from NH! Nice intro there.
    2006 Charger Brilliant Black R/T w/R&T Package, 6.1 Arrington based 426 Hemi @ 13:1 compression 2016 Hellcat Charger rear cradle and brakes swap, DSS 4" custom driveshaft, 3.09 Scat Pack rear diff.

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