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    Newbie has a question

    My brother has had a 2006 (TOP BANANA) Daytona for about 10 yrs. I enjoyed it so I recently pulled #0547 out of a salvage yard to rebuild.
    Most of the front end needed replaced, and after posting on another forum, it was suggested that I stay with the stock look instead of putting on a SRT8 front end. Tha body work is done and it is in the paint shop. I had not driven it before, but had it running for very short periods. Now after a short drive, (to the paint shop) it is blowing white smoke and running very ruff. Have not had a chance to dig into it, but afraid I might have serious problems. My question is, should I stay with the 5.7L with some performance upgrades, or swap it out with a 6.1L? I am a disabled retired veteran, and money is a big concern. I found a used 6.1L w/trans out of a 2008 SRT8 with around 60K miles for $6100.00, but looks like I might be able to get a reman 5.7L for about half. Any ideas? Thanks

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    IMHO, Budget permitting go with a stroked 426.
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    Depends what you are really after. I plan to stay 5.7 based with both my cars (13 Challenger and now #0222 Top Banana Daytona). I plan to race both and even though a swap would help a lot in the power department, I love eating up 392s and the occasional hellcat at the track in my Challenger. Then they ask what I have stuffed in it and I say a stock bottom end 5.7 lol.

    But I digress. It is up to you what you want to do with the car. If it’s just going to be a driver, I’d put a 5.7 back in and do upgrades if you want. Definitely cheaper and less of a headache.

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    Does the white smoke have any smell to it?

    White smoke could just be a head gasket. I'd have a compression/leakdown test done to see if that's what it is. Check the oil on your dipstick and if there is white on it, you're getting coolant into your oil. Head gaskets are an easy fix and less expensive than strokers or reman engines. Start with the easiest thing to check first and go from there.

    Also, open your coolant reservoir and check for any oil in it.

    Could be something or nothing more than crap gas and crap burning out of the cats as they heat up.
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