First car was a 89 Dodge shadow. Rolled it and totaled it.
Second car was a 88 Voyager minivan (shared with my mom)
Third car was 81 mustang with inline 6. That was slow as hell.
Forth car was 89 Dynasty. Rear ended someone and fixed it, drove it and sold it.
Fifth car was a 94 Lebaron convertible. Super fun having that during college. Totaled after hitting 2 deer at the same time.
Sixth car was a 92 Dodge Daytona 6 cylinder manual trans. Drove it till it rusted (185k) and sold it.
Seventh was a 95 ram 1500. 4x4 with 3 inch lift. Fun truck in the snow. Sold it and moved.
Eighth car was a 00 Concorde. Got married with baby on the way. Gave it away with 205k to college student.
Nineth car was a 02 PT Cruiser was a gift from father in law. Sold to another college student.
Now tenth is a 16 Charger SP. First one bought new. By far the best of them all. Good mileage, room for the family, fast, best bang for the buck. No regrets or buyers remorse.

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