By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

The Ultimate Last Chance Could Set Charity Auto Auction Records

In June, the very last 2017 Dodge Viper and the very last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be auctioned off as a pair at the Barrett Jackson auction in Uncasville, Connecticut. Named “The Ultimate Last Chance” the proceeds of this package sale will go to benefit the United Way and based on the importance of these two cars coupled with the prices of other charity auction cars in the recent past, these cars will likely bring more money than any live-action automotive fundraising event ever.

In case you missed the details when this was announced last week, the last of the 3,300 examples of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will roll onto the Barrett Jackson auction block alongside the last 2017 Viper built last year. Like the Viper, the final Demon will be painted a dark metallic red with black interior, so while the cars are very different from each other, they kind of match.

When the final 2017 Dodge Viper was built last year, it went from the assembly line to the company’s historic vehicle collection, so no one ever had a chance to buy the very last 5th generation Viper. That will change in June, when the car leaves the collection and heads to the auction in Connecticut, before heading to its new home. At that auction, someone will have the opportunity to buy what could be the last Dodge Viper ever, and that will come with a big price tag.

At the same time, the very last 2018 Demon will be auctioned off with the last Viper, and while there are plenty of 840-horsepower Challengers on dealership lots around the country – all of which are saddled with huge dealer markups – this will be the last Demon. It will come with full documentation showing that it is the last of the 3,300 units intended for public sale, as will the Viper.

This is, without question, an incredible opportunity to own some Mopar performance vehicles, both of which are legends in the making. All things considered, these are arguably the two most significant modern Dodge vehicles to be auctioned off and that should lead to monster money for the United Way.

Figure that the first 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was sold at auction for $1.65 million. That was the first of some 20,000+ cars and while it was the first modern supercharged Dodge built, there is still ample opportunity to buy one of the 707-horsepower Challengers. On the other hand, the chances of getting a Demon get worse every day, as do the odds of finding your ideal Viper, so it seems to be very possible that each of these cars could raise more money than the first Hellcat Challenger.

Each of these cars are the last of their run and possibly the last of their kind, ever. That should make them more valuable than any of the “first cars” sold over the past few years, so while other charity auctions have brought in over a million, it seems likely that The Ultimate Last Chance could raise north of $2 million.

Rick Hendrick bought the first Hellcat Challenger and he is easily the best-known collector when it comes to buying unique cars to benefit charity from Barrett Jackson auctions. He tends to devote more money to Chevrolet products, but after buying Hellcat #1, he might want to score the last Demon and Viper and if he gets involved – the price could go to record levels.