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We really like the mirror sensor as well. That was a new version requested by Chip Foose and just released. The Movable Window sensor is also a favorite. Espectially for the back doors.

The Magic Touch system triggers an actuator or solenoid, whichever you think is right for the application. We have found that a decent door lock actuator works well for the LX. The main controller board has a solid state relay that can handle 30amps, so no external relay is needed. We sell an actuator or solenoid if you want to buy it from one source. But that's up to you. The install takes between 30 to 60 minutes per door. We have installation instructions up on our web site. One for the main board and one for the Magnum/300 sensor.

I know this thread is 13 years old....any idea if LaFrance Auto Works is still around? No web page, phone number inop....