Good to hear from you again,
i bought my ‘05 Magnum in May of ‘05 with 100 miles on her.
Today... she has 252,100 miles on her, obviously, she has always been my daily driver,
we LOVE this car, although she is showing her age, inside and out, the tach doesn’t work, the driver seat is torn,
the sunroof will open, but, I have to fiddle with it, to get it closed, the paint.... what a mess, the hood and roof, I had to paint them with plasti dip, to get her all 1 color again, lol... I just put 45000 mile tires on her, most likely the last set of tires I buy for her, but, fingers crossed I get more out of her, bottom line... I’m gonna driver her till she dies, and shed a tear when I have to say goodbye.