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    ESP/BAS, won't upshift or go over 35mph, engine light & brake light flashes

    I have a 2006 Magnum 3.5l. I sent the PCM out to get it reconditioned, due to the O2 sensor heater codes, which appear to have been shorted out.

    When I went to install it, I disconnected the battery, installed it, reconnected the battery, started it up and took it for about a 3.5 mile ride.

    The ESP/BAS and the traction control light were on and did nothing when I pushed the ESP/BAS off button.

    After the “ding” the “engine light” blinks, flashes 9 times and blinks again, then stays on.
    The “brake light” flashes continuously
    It wouldn't upshift or go over 35mph and would shudder if I tried.

    I tried the three key method and got no codes.
    I tried holding down the “trip meter reset” for 4-10 seconds.
    I tried turning the wheels to the “left” and “right” then straightening them and got nothing

    I did not have any of these issues prior to reconditioning

    Is there any “Mopar Voodoo Magic” to get these things straightened out

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    Your best bet is find out exactly what codes are in pcm. Did they knock out all learned items -VIN-tire size ect ? When it was reconditioned?

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    very long shot, try to reset the gearing in the pcm.

    sometimes when i send a custom tune to the car it acts just like that ^^^ until i reset the gear ratio. good luck.

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