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Thread: Thank you all!

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    Thank you all!

    I must part ways. Due to my health, bills and home issues I had to sell my beast.

    Just some history about my 06 Magnum SRT8: I bought it off the internet and it came from Massachusetts. Shortly after I took ownership I went in and removed the top end to see how everything was working. I also wanted to install a cam along with all the other goodies with it. So I took everything apart cleaned and replaced everything from mopar. I used all OEM gaskets and parts and sensors etc. it had 100K on the clock so I did a new timing chain and installed solid engine mounts etc. Once I was done it was time to have fun.

    I am skipping 75 other things that I worked on but just want to get to the end.

    I want to personally want to thank Jerrytotin, Drgnwgn and a very SPECIAL THANKS TO "Hemisarry".

    I love this site I just do not have the health and time to devote to it. Love you guys...

    Oh. I didn't say the new owner live in Virginia and he drove it back their from San Antonio. He loved every mile. Made it all the way and received no codes.... He owns a V6 Magnum with 400K on it. He is in love.

    Scoot >>

    2006 Magnum SRT//8 - Mod this and mod that

    Thanks to our brave men and women who fight for our freedom and those who put themselves in harms way.
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    Very cool that she lives on with another enthusiast! I hope you stick around regardless of your parting with your beast and best wishes with your battle! Stay strong man!

    Galactus hungers...
    His: 2006 MSRT8, K&N CAI, built and tuned by MPR Motorsports (WhiteHemi), forged pistons and a HHP Stg 2r cam, HHP HEMITUNER TCM, Paramount Stg 2 valve body, Mopar Performance high stall converter, Flowmaster Super 10s, 180° t-stat, Tranzformer, Street Edge coilovers, 275/35/20 Continental ExtremeContact DW (square), otherwise bone stock.
    Personal best 8.473 in the 1/8 and spinning like a fool, on old Toyos, pre Tranzformer, old suspension, and old stock engine, new times to come.

    Hers: 2010 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI, bone stock and slow as a rock...
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    I'm truly honored John, thank you kindly.

    May you and yours enjoy sunny days and always able to coast :^)

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    2005 Magnum RT---Viper Venom Red----440ci Aluminum block----Short Runner Valve Intake--410mm BAER 6S Monoblock Extreme--Eibach Multi-Pro 2

    Custom--Grille Work--Hood--Headlights--Side View Mirrors--Rear Spoiler--Rear Diffuser--SRV Control System--Turbine Wheels

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    Here's to hoping everything gets better!!

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    Be well!

    2006 300SRT8
    SOLO Performance Mach X3 SRT exhaust / LMI V2 True CAI / Eibach Sways / StreetEdge coilovers / Trufiber hood / AMG paddles w/TRS300 wireless controller / Grant Revolution steering wheel / Arrington strut bar / BT engine bling incl. uni-strut caps / Rohana RC-10's / Kaption Audio amps, sub and speakers / Interior switch lighting by Diboblo / Instrument cluster by Black Cat Automotive and Tim Stone (TRS300) / StopTech SS brake lines
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    Sorry for your loss. Wishing you the best.
    Adaptive Craving Control-by Hal9000 modification strictly prohibited
    FI IV.5, Solo cat backs, 180 thermo, Catch Can, DS tuner, 383 Stroker/SRT heads,headers and mids,, Tranny cooler with fan control, built tranny/flex plate/4K conv,09 Chally rear with Quaife posi. Pedders Track II, coil overs, Hodgkiss sways, BWoody links, 20" Jacks N Five with Nitto Invo's, Custom brakes by TCE. Bling by BT.
    Just a grocery getter!

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