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    Magnum rebuild questions

    Rebuilding my 07 RT magnum and I have a few questions. I appreciate any and all help.
    I am stroking my 5.7. Have stroker kit, new cam, mds delete kit, edelbrock heads and intake, hellcat lifters, block bored, and headers. Looking for about 600hp. Daily driver.
    My questions:
    1. Transmission suggestions. Links??
    2. Stuck on push rods? Length? Will stock work?
    3. Driveshaft replacement?
    4. Rear end replaced?
    5. Fuel injector suggestions
    6. Stock radiator work?
    7. Brake upgrade. Would newer brakes off hellcat or similar just bolt on? Seen some on Brake Upgrades Archives - Cleveland Power & Performance

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    Definitely go for the SRT radiator, the severe duty 2. I think the hoses on the radiator end are larger. With that kind of hp, a police oil cooler would be a good thing too I suspect. Chrysler calls the Nag 1 a W5A 580 with the 580 meaning the maximum torque it will handle I think. Yeah, the beefier SRT rear would be needed too. Big project!
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    get your self adjustable push rods and use them, to find the correct length needed. They are cheap enough and you will know for sure your valve geometer will be correct. You have a bunch going on that will make it difficult for someone to give you the correct length.

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