Hey guys, I know a lot of you know I play music... Hell most of you have seen me play. Here's a list of stuff we've got coming up. We're bouncing around a lot, so we might be in your area. If so, I'd love to see your smiling faces... And purty cars.

July 13th – Saints – Lawrence, KS
July 21st – The Granada (Opening for George Watsky!) – Lawrence, KS
July 25th – Brickhouse – Jonesboro, AR
July 27th – The Jungle – Pittsburg, KS
July 28th – Sam’s Cellar – Neosho, MO
August 2nd – Grata – Lincoln, NE
August 3rd – John Barleycorns – Wichita, KS
August 4th – Captain Ron’s (EARLY SHOW – 1PM) – Sunrise Beach, MO
August 10th – Saints – Lenexa, MO
August 15th – Brickhouse – Jonesboro, AR
August 17th – The Jungle – Pittsburg, KS
August 18th – Sam’s Cellar – Neosho, MO