LMI Hellcat Intake
Install Guide

Tools Required

· 10mm deep socket
· 8mm socket
· Ratchet
· Flat head screw driver
· 2.5mm Allen wrench
· T20 Torx screwdriver
· Small impact gun (no a requirement but makes for quicker install)

Factory Air Box Removal
· Unplug MAF sensor

· Unplug breather sensor

· Disconnect breather hose by pushing in on both sides to unclip

· Remove bolt holding air box to the radiator support (8mm socket)

· Loosen clamp holding rubber tube at throttle body (8mm socket)

· Remove (2) 10mm bolts holding coolant reservoir. Move up and clear as much as the coolant hoses allow. This will make room for the next step of removing the air box.

· Remove air box by pulling up and towards the coolant bottle that has been moved to make room. This step can be tricky, as the factory air duct to the front of the car is connected. Charger owners will find the removal of the air box more difficult than Challenger owners. Remove the air box as one piece.

· Once factory air box is removed, remove the forward air duct. Again, Charger owners will find this step takes some effort. You will have to “man handle” the funnel that goes to the grill, but it does come out by pulling towards the back of the car with a “up and down” motion. Challenger owners simply disconnect from back of headlight and remove duct. The removal of the forward inlet duct (especially chargers) give a much larger opening for unrestricted flow of fresh air into filter area.

· Once the air box is removed, place on workbench and remove the MAF sensor using a T20 Torx screw driver (or similar). Place MAF sensor to the side in a safe spot.

· Remove the breather fitting by simply pulling straight up and out of the rubber tube. Set this fitting aside with the MAF sensor.

LMI HC Intake Assembly
· Re-install the coolant reservoir with the original 10mm bolts. Pay attention to pulling the reservoir as far forward towards the front of the car as possible. This will allow for better fitment of the rain shield in later step.

· Install the supplied silicon reducing coupler and the 4” T bolt clamps on the throttle body and tighten with 10mm deep socket.

· Unbox filter and remove the plastic cover. FILTER IS PRE-OILED AND READY TO INSTALL.

· Unwrap the water repellent pre-filter supplied with the LMI HC kit. With the filter sitting on the workbench with the small end up, pull the pre-filter over the filter carefully using the (2) small tabs that are sewn to the end of the pre-filter wrap. It is a tight fit, but the elastic of the pre-filter will fit snugly around the rubber flange of the filter.

· With a towel laid down on the workbench, place filter on its end with the opening facing upwards.

· Next, insert the large end of the carbon fiber tube into the filter. Use a small flat head screwdriver to assist with opening the rubber flange of the filter to get the tube in. It is a tight fit by design. Be sure the carbon fiber tube is inserted into the filter at least 1”. Leave clamp on filter slightly loose for the time being for possible repositioning/alignment needs once installed into car.

· Insert the MAF sensor carefully into the LMI tube paying attention to ensuring the rubber seal around the base of the MAF is fitting into the mount cleanly. The MAF sensor will only fit one way. Tighten with the supplied allen screws using a 2.5mm allen wrench.

· Using a small amount of silicon spray (or similar lubricant) carefully insert the breather fitting into the rubber grommet on the LMI tube.

· Just before installation of the LMI HC assembly, use the single black zip tie supplied in the kit to “bundle” the air conditioning lines that run under where the new LMI HC intake will be installed. You can use the wire harness under the AC lines as a tie off point. The AC lines are flexible and holding them down will create more room for the large LMI HC intake.

· Now, take the entire LMI HC Intake assembly and install into the previously mounted silicon coupler on the throttle body.

· Align so that the filter is directly above the lower air inlet opening in the fender well. The LMI HC uses a large filter for increased flow. It is a tight fit, so special attention must be paid to make sure all the components of the kits are lined up and orientated correctly.

· Once everything is aligned, tighten the clamp on the filter using an 8mm socket. Using a 10mm deep socket, tighten the T-bolt clamp onto the carbon tube. THINK SNUG WHEN TIGHTENING THE CLAMP ON THE CF TUBE!!!!!!! OVERTIGHTENING CAN CAUSE DEFORMATION OF THE CARBON FIBER TUBE.

· Plug the MAF sensor, air make up sensor, and breather hose back in on the new LMI HC tube in their appropriate spots.

· Next, install the supplied aluminum rain shield by using the original bolt that held the factory air box to the radiator support.

NOTE: There is a very small tab on the coolant bottle that the rain shield will rest on for added support. Be sure to push the rain shield as close to the coolant reservoir as possible to ensure the rain shield engages this tab. Tighten the bolt with 10mm socket.

· Lastly, check clearance of the rain shield around the LMI HC tube to make sure nothing is touching. If clearance issues exist, loosen T- bolt clamp on carbon tube at throttle body and adjust as needed for proper clearance.

Now start up car and go for a ride and listen to the glorious sound of the Hellcats supercharger!!!!