So you wanna launch and 60ft like #Topcat but you're on a budget? There's now a solution!

Designed strictly off of the highly desirable but impossible to get Dodge Demon springs - the HHP Hellcat Race Springs will get you better weight transfer just like the Demon Springs to help your 60ft. Primarily for straight line racing, these will loosen up the stock suspension during regular street driving and are a great alternative to the expensive race coil-over.

How do you tell whether a high flying Hellcat is running our drag springs? You can't! We're all about stealth these days. We opted to make our race springs black to keep with the stock appearance. Even your local dealership may never know your secret...

HHP Racing Dodge Hellcat Race Springs - 2015-2019 Charger, Challenger 6.2L - HHPHCRS