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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikibeast View Post
    I realize this is confusing for somebody with no tact or manners, but that hit and run artist is a well respected member who has contributed more to this forum than you could possibly comprehend. There is no following, what you see are friends and long time fellow members that appreciate and acknowledge the knowledge that Simon has contributed to this community. This is a functioning community, not a high school so drama and attitude problems don't gain much support or positive feedback.

    Galactus hungers...

    With your sarcasm and put downs, you're starting to sound like him. I've been around here a long time and am aware he's helped some people and been very curt, flippant and disrespectful to others. It's hard for me to applaud or respect someone who doesn't respect others. Enough said on my part. I don't need the drama. I'm done on this thread, thank you.
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    Alright folks, enough with the red, blue, whatever. Leave the politics and personal attacks out of this no matter how subtle or veiled the attacks might be. And to the OP it doesn't help when you "give the haters back what they've given out". Everyone play nice for the rest of the weekend.

    Edit: Now locked at OP's request
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