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    "I think the bee is cute"

    At the gas station in pulls a dark blue V6 Challenger..... with 6.4 Scat Pack badges on the fenders, grill, both sides of the hood along with white R/T and dual hash marks on the fenders, 6.4 badges on both rear view mirrors, just below each door handle, the rear splash gaurds, tail panel AND just for good measure a GIANT bee vinyl on the back window. WOW! Out steps an older woman and I asked her about all the badges she said "I think the bee is cute". Ok, fair enough, I ask her if she knows what the 6.4 means. She replied "that's it's 0-60 time". I kinda didn't know how to respond to that so I just nodded and said "nice". And the R/T? She shrugged and said "real tough" I nodded and said "nice" again. With that my gas pump clicked off and I told her "nice car" she thanked me and said she loved my cars color, I thanked her and drove off trying not to have my laughter be noticeable to her.

    Had it not been someones grandmother I'm not sure how I would have responded to the car.
    But WOW! It was something to behold! I wish I took pics of it.
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    What a sight! wonder what the bill was for all the 'mods"
    I mean those badges aren't free, are they?

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    a picture is worth a thousand words and a lot of laughs.

    PS i have a RT with RT side stripes, But there is nothing RT from the front bumper to the tail pipes.

    PB ET 14.02 at CamaroFest 5 totally stock
    PB RT Sportsman tree .003 at Challengerfest 3, PB RT pro tree .019 at MSHS VMP 5/16
    PB 0-60 3.24 MIR Raceway Drag Radials 6/18

    PB 0-60 4.40 Street Tires on the street Calabash 10/14

    PB 60' 1.472 @ CF9 4/18
    PB ET 1/8 6.911 @ CF9 4/18
    PB MPH 1/8 101.32 @ The Rock 4/19
    PB ET 10.857 @ CF9 4/18

    PB MPH 127.29 @ Atco 11/18

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    I was thinking about these valve caps, but maybe it's too much with the license plate frame....sounds like it's a slippery slope....
    2005 Magnum R/T *sold* Now:2016 Challenger R/T Scat Pack M6 B5 Blue
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