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    Quote Originally Posted by MopaR/T View Post

    I went under the hood and actually spliced into the injector wire I was using for MSD signal, instead of T-tap. Tap actually showed no signs of corrosion but replaced it anyway. I did buy this intake used so the short runner control may be going bad? Been on my car for quite a few miles. Probably just buy another and swap it and see.

    I actually haven’t had any more “shut downs” since I posted the original complaint but was looking to see if anyone that’s used this intake for awhile ever had any similar issues.
    My question would be how do you know definitively that part of the SRV system is actually not functioning?

    There are very simple ways of isolating (in situ) parts of the system to confirm their operation that does not include blindly buying replacement parts only to discover you wasted hard earned money (electronic parts are not returnable).

    For example:
    - The actuator goes through a self-test (cycles open / close / open / standby) every time B+ is applied (note - their failure rate is very low).
    - A DVM across the window switch's output to actuator will go to 0V at the 4800rpm set point (if set up correctly).
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    Ive followed this post for years now. When I had my 2012 Charger R/T I did the 6.4 Intake Manifold with a Legmaker True CAI. All wired and running, with a custom Jay Greene tune. Jay was able to see an airflow shift at 4800rpm. If you have a tuner, you should be able to see a difference, but you need to know what to look for. I recently found a dyno video from R/T Life on youtube and just took a screen shot of it. These are the results PRIOR to a tune to adjust for airflow. Apparently, if you lean the air/fuel mixture slightly when the runners switch, you can almost get rid of the dip in power.

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    I haven't been here in awhile, which means... no issues anymore!

    Usually I just read posts, new stuff, and move on. When I am here, I'm reading about someone's issue to see if I can help or see if that's the same issue I'm having and how they fixed it.

    But today, just getting caught up.
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