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    HOW-TO: Remove and Replace Door Pulls on the Door Panel

    I hadn't seen this specific modification written up, so I wanna give back to my LX community. I'm specifically referring to this parts on the door panel:

    There were several different options from the factory; basic plastic ones, tortoise shell ones on the 300C, burled wood on the 300C, leather wrapped on the 300C SRT Design, 300C SRT8, Challenger SRT8, and those weird blue plastic ones on the 300C Heritage edition. If you wanted to swap out to one of the other, or maybe wrap your own in fabric this should be helpful.

    I performed these steps on 300C door panels, but should be the same for Magnum and Charger. The Challenger (up to 2014 I believe) should also be very similar... however YMMV.

    Step 1: Remove the door panel. I won't go into this, there are already several tutorials out there.

    Step 2: Lay something down (like a towel) to keep from scratching/marring the front side of the door panel. Lay the panel face down to access the backside of the door panel.

    Step 3: Review what you need to do. The door pull is held on with one bolt on either end. There is also a guide pin on one end of the door pull. All of the door pulls are the same, they aren't specific to the door panel location. The door panels are drilled appropriately. The guide pin faces forward on the driver's side, and rearward on the passenger side. Here's a pic of one end with the bolt and the guide pin.

    Here you can see the forward bolt head behind the master window switch in the driver's door panel.

    Here you can see the reward bolt.

    Step 4: This is for the driver's door panel ONLY. You will need to remove the master switch panel to gain access to the forward bolt. There are a few clips that you'll need to release (plastic on 05-07, metal on 08-10). Release the clips you can see, and you should be able to rotate the switch panel enough to pop out.

    Once this is out, you'll have better access to the forward bolt.

    Step 5: Remove the bolts. They are a T-27 Torx bit. To gain access to the rear bolts, I found it easiest to actually cut the sound deadener material in half. I didn't not remove it from it's plastic welded mounts on the door panel.

    Step 6: Remove the door pull. Pull out on the side that does not have the guide pin (rear on the driver's side, front on the passenger side). It should be slightly loose. Pull it away from the door panel and the door pull will come out.

    Step 7: Reverse the steps for installation.

    I replaced the tortoise shell pulls with the leather/chrome ones from a 300C SRT Design.



    - Brian T.
    "Pam the Demon Wagon" 2006 Magnum SRT
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    That looks waaay better!!

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