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    WCM Failing?? - TPMS and Key fob problems

    Car: 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8
    Mileage: 192K
    New wheels and tires installed: August 2018, 181K miles, all new TPMS sensors installed


    On Tuesday afternoon when I went to leave work, I noticed that my key fob didn't work until I was really close to my car. Later that evening after the gym, it worked at it's "normal" distance. I assumed that the battery was dying, so I just chalked it up that I would need to replace it soon.

    Yesterday (Wednesday), just as I arrived to work I got a flashing tire pressure warning light, with "Check TPMS System" error. Flipping through the EVIC, the Left Rear showed '--'. After I parked, I check the tire and it wasn't flat. So I assumed that the Sensor was going bad. When I left to go to lunch, same error message but both the rear tires showed '--'. When I pulled into the parking lot at work, both rears and the right front went '--'. By the time I parked, the right front started reading but both rears showed '--'.

    While at work, I researched on these lovely forums and saw issues relating to the Wireless Control Module as being a possible culprit (thanks to my keyfob issues happening as well. (Stranded! Has this happened to anyone else?) .

    Quote Originally Posted by rtblue View Post
    I drove my ar to work (everything was normal and fine). After work, I went to my car and the remote did not work. I thought the battery in the remote was dead, so I walked to the nearest store and bought replacement batteries for the remote. The remote still did not work. I called my wife and she brought me her key and her remote did not work either!. I changed the battery in her remote with no luck. I took a chance and opened the door with my key (manually) and hoped that if the alarm got activated I could turn it off by starting the car. Well the alarm was ativated and I started the car. It died about two seconds later but the alarm was still activated. I had to disonnet my horn (by pulling the horn fuse) so as not to irritate people. I called the local Dodge Dealer and they said to bring the car and the keys so they can reprogram it for me for $100.00. I then searched this wonderfull forums and found this thread. I tried disconnecting the battery first, but that did not work. I then reconnected the battery, put my key in the ignition, then pulled the IOD fuse (fuse number 1 in the trunk) for about twenty seconds, replaced the fuse and tried starting the car. YEEEEEEHAAAA!!! car started no problems!! Saved me $100.00 that the dealer would have charged me to reprogram the keys, along with the tow charges the tow company would have charged me!
    I read through this thread and figured that when I got home last night I would attempt the disconnect battery reset. I disconnected the battery for 25 minutes. I reinstalled the battery cable, restarted the car and no error message. It was late and I didn't go for a test drive, I was tired.

    This morning, as soon as I started up the Check TPMS error came on. Today, only the Right Front has been showing '--'. The distance at which my keyfob works is intermittent. If the car has sat long (overnight, during work), it will work at the normal distance. But after driving it (to work, the gym), it won't work at all and I manually lock the car.

    This afternoon I did the second "reset" found in that thread. I disconnected the battery for a minute, reconnected it, placed the key in the ignition and pulled the Ignition Off Draw fuse (#1 in the rear fuse box). I pulled it for a minute and then replaced it. Turned the car back on and still the same Check TPMS error.

    The car has yet to strand me as some of them have done. At this point based on my troubleshooting, I believe that my Wireless Control Module (WCM) is on it's way out. For all you LX elecrtrical gurus, does that sound like a safe assumption? Is there anything else that you can recommend I do to try and reset the WCM before I make the call to the dealer to have them order the part. I know that the new WCM will have to be programmed to my car (and my keys updated as well), but I want to exhaust all options before going the replacement route.

    Thanks for your help.
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    My 2008 Magnum has done something similar. I got the TPMS warning only after driving the car for between three quarters and an hour and a half. The warning would stay on until I stopped for more than ten minutes, then it would reset to normal. This started after the safety recall that replaced the WIN module and keys, and lasted for more than two years. When the WIN was replaced again, the problem has not reoccurred.

    On yours for the range problem with the fob, I would want to know if the antenna is good. But I think you are right on the WIN module, or associated connectors/wiring.
    Good luck.

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