Wire Harness Time! I laid all the wiring out for the Panel Van last night so I could get a handle on what was there, what I still need, what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. The wiring harness for this truck is a mashup of several harnesses that I put together to create one that does everything I need it to do (I think). The main engine harness (along with the ABS module, gas pedal, TIPM, ECU, TCU & Instrument Cluster) is from a single donor '06 Charger R/T (5.7L engine). The main interior harness & the dash wiring harness & steering wheel are from a donor '06 Charger SXT (3.5L engine). The door wiring harnesses and window mechanisms for the front doors are from an '07 300 (2.7L engine). I spent some tedious time re-pinning several broken or mangled or missing connectors (most on the engine harness) and finally believe I have a good place to start laying everything out. The main harness that goes through the interior of the truck will need to be re-worked to re-locate one of the back (side) door connectors to the right panel van door on the rear of the vehicle. The Trunk mechanism wiring will be removed. The rear window motor wiring will be re-routed to control the exhaust dumps (one on each side of the vehicle). And, of course, the interior lighting wiring will have to be created and wired into the harness as well. The front wiring harness will need to be modified to handle the HID's I am using in the panel van. In addition, I will need to add and re-locate connectors for the turn signals on all four corners and the brake lights. I'll also need to decide whether I'm going to put in a hight-mount (third) brake light. Whew... Lots of stuff here!

Why did I jump to wiring??? Glad you asked! My effort is actually moving toward finishing up the firewall. But in order to do that, I need to figure out where a 3.5" hole and a 2" hole need to be drilled through the firewall for the wiring. If I drill these things in the right places that the stock engine harness does not need to be cut apart and lengthened, then someone else, later on, can more easily remove this little 5.7L Hemi and upgrade it to a 6.1 or even a Hellcat without having to chop up their harness. At least, that's the idea. I'm learning to try and think a few steps ahead. ...it's Not Easy for my feeble mind!

All that said, I rambled on for even longer on an update video I made last night. It'll be uploaded to YouTube in a few hours (I hope). As soon as it's uploaded, it should be available at: Panel Van Update 11082018 - YouTube