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    Got the driver and passenger airbag (recalls R25 / S43 ) done on my '06 300C SRT8. Also had them check for any updates the car might need since it's an early build car and as far I can tell, hasn't been back to the dealer for anything since 2007 at 7600 miles - I bought it just last October with only 9400 miles on it.

    Revision #'s of the updates they did just for reference, dunno if it helps anybody out for any reason but I figure information never hurts.

    PCM from 05030232AD to 05030232AF , TCM from 04692392AF to 04692392AK , FCM from 04692028AH to 04692028AM

    Cost me $159.88 out the door (just for the updates of course) which isn't bad, considering they were trying to hit me for $250. Thanks to my working knowledge of these cars through the forums, as well as some quick help from a forum member that happens to work at a dealer (thanks Jerry!) it didn't turn out that way.

    I initially thought I was going to have some less-than-nice things to say about the dealer (Allen Samuels in Katy TX) but overall things went well, especially considering I wanted to wait on the car instead of dropping it off. Hey; I took a book to read and just waited patiently. I also declined all the up-selling the service advisor tried to do; I know it's his job but I also know I didn't need a single bit of it. Got there at 8AM and they had me out of there a little bit after 10. Not bad.

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    I drive my car (06 Magnum RT) as a work car with my tools in the back. I work a lot of long hours so I am installed some cheap LED light bars in the back. I installed them in the top piece of trim just inside the rear door. The switch was installed in the from that covers the side curtain air bag inflators. Used them in the very next job to read prints in an unlit parking lot in a night shift.

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    Fought with my cutouts today.
    Took the passenger side one off and tore it apart to regrease it and swap out any broken gears. Turns out the internals were fine, the grease was just garbage.

    Got it all back together except i couldnt find my 2.5mm allen key so the connector piece from the output of the gearbox is loose and the butterfly wont seal.. and it rattles... the ****ing rattle.

    Got too fed up out in the heat and gave up for today.

    I hate these things, but i love that raw open sound.

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