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    Facebook fool with "Hemi Shop"

    This guy recently posted that he wanted to swap his 5.7 with a 6.1 in his 2006 RT.

    This guy..."Philip Fontana" told him:
    "You need engine , Tranny , body harness, engine harness, tcm , pcm , driveshaft, rear diff, suspension, brakes and rotors knuckles , interior, cluster , air bags , I like to do dash and interior , and both fuse box front and rear , exhaust, headers … I’m sure I’m missing some stuff"

    I was stunned..
    I tried to tell him the guy only needed an engine harness, exhaust, and a tune, and he went off.


    "If you say so buddy , you know the rear differential are different ratios right ? What would be the fix to that ? And all the extra programs on the Srt computer the 5.7 fuse box is not compatible with? You will run every code and light in the boot."


    "What about the difference in pedals ?! What would you do about that harness?
    Guarantee won’t get out of limp mode."
    I am now even more stunned...Holy crap

    After I suggested he go to LX forums and ask around if he did not believe me
    "I do this ! I don’t got to ask anyone , nothing mentioned about tcm … ask him if he running’s all the codes in the book …"

    Claimed he had done 15 cars this way and owned his own "Hemi shop" and had a full time dodge tech working for him.
    I then told him he had no idea in my 15 years with my SRT8 how many "Hemi Shops" I seen come and go because of these "overzealous" ideas.

    Then Cam came into the conversation and was also having fun with the guy. For those f you that do not know... Cam Cheuvront did the first 5.7 to 6.1 conversion.
    The post is here if any of you with Facebook want a good laugh.. A perfect example of NEVER believe what you read on Facebook..
    In the "Hemi Performance Talk" group.
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    I believe this guys "Hemi Shop" is somewhere in southern Florida.
    So beware!
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    2006 Charger SRT8
    Inferno Red (Just a blur to most folks) with All Factory Options / Groups, SRT8 Mats, Side moldings/rear ram's head shaved
    Billet Technology all over + valve covers and coil covers, KillerGlass Pipe, LMI FIV CAI, 180 Tstat, Magnaflow 3" exhaust
    MPR Motorsports built 6.1 based/392 NA Stroker, BBK 85mm TB, TranZformer, Kooks Long Tubes, 3.70 LSD Hellcat rear cradle
    BCR coilovers with Hotchkis sways and Nitto 245/45/20F - 295/40/20R NT555-G2 paws

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    That guy epitomizes FB, to a tee.

    One more reason I have zero social media presence.

    Cam, on the other hand... a good friend and has more knowledge in his little toe nail than that FB jabrone will ever have. Period.


    LuX Technologies - Custom Interior Light Mods for Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep Platforms [LX/LC/WK]
    I spend my time modding your lights and developing new products, not being your FaceBook friend.
    Lux Technologies

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    If you smell what the rock is cooking
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    I missed this one on there. Smh ppl r foolish

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