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    How to get rust "dust" from brakes out of clear coat?

    Back when I had my whole caliper fiasco, I ended up with a lot of rust "dust" from the metal in the clearcoat on my wheels. Just about all of it that got into the clear on my actual paint has come out,a dn the rest will when I clay bar it today... But on the passenger side of my car there's a lot of it in the front wheel, and a tiny bit on the rear. I'm about to sell my car so I'd like to get this removed if possible, but it isn't going to kill me if I don't. I just hate my car looking non-optimal, especially if I'm trying to convince someone to give me money for it.

    The question is how do I get this very hard to remove "rust dust" from my wheels? Am I going to have to basically sand it off and refinish them? The wheels are the SRT Chally ones, so they're clear coated aluminum.

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    I use Nu Finish liquid car wax on a cotton terry cloth sock (my socks that get holes). This has worked best for me but my rims are chromed. It does take some tough rubbing.
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    Pencil eraser.


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