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Thread: Cel. P300.p304

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    Cel. P300.p304

    Car is an 18 Charger R/T with an Edelbrock 2650 S/C making 4.5 PSI . made 500/495 on the dyno. only other mod is SRT tubular exhaust manifolds from my Scat. 4,000 mi since the mods.. 11,000 mi on the car. backing out of garage a few days ago I get a CEL. checked codes. P300.P304 and P1400( unauthorized aftermarket tune). pulled plugs on cylinder 4 and they looked perfect. moved coil packs from #4 and it's companion #7 to #6 and #3 .all coil pack connectors were completely on and locked. all wiring appears good but have not tested yet. cleared CEL. runs and sounds normal . have driven it the last 2 days and went WOT many times and CEL has not returned. any/all thoughts welcome.
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