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    Scew that. Hemis hemi. Unless you got 500+ hp to worry about you have the same upgrade path as a standard RT. Just a couple less options we already covered. And some drive train related things like diffs.
    2014 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi AWD - Diablo 91 tune - Getrag LSD. BC Racing Coilovers.

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    My intro to the modern Hemi was an AWD 300. Don't get me wrong, I loved that car. And if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have kept it! The AWD system, (old and new) is fairly stable as long as you don't beat on it. My '10 AWD Charger is now pushing 90K and the trans, (5 sp NAG1 which is the same as in the RWD's) is now flailing between 3rd and 4th when she's cold. The trans is what I've always considered the weak link in these cars. I've replaced the trannies in my cop cars -- they were hurting real bad when they came to me. They're just not designed for long term severe duty. That's not hearsay -- that's a report based on my experience.

    To the OP and anyone else looking for power gains, there are few that'll give you what you're really looking for. VVT's don't lend themselves to high lift cams -- and headers, cat backs, "tunes", CAI's, etc. just don't give you a "noticeable" power boost. Now if you're looking to sound fast -- and let's face it, there's a lot to be said about making some noise -- get yourself a nice CAI and cat back exhaust. It won't break the bank -- you'll get a good 25-30HP increase, and you're sure to make a bad-ass impact. If you're looking for the real deal power gain, and you've got some $6K-ish cash on hand, go for a "hairdryer" blower like a Procharger -- or better yet, a nice roots blower! The increase exceeds 100HP, and theoretically still keeps the vehicle within mechanical tolerances, (if you buy into the 500HP limit). That also applies to AWD -- if you're gentle on her ;-) Look, I've seen guys go the piecemeal route with exhaust, cam, etc. IT'S NEVER ENOUGH! They either move over to forced induction and / or a stroker. Don't waste your money on shlt you'll regret down the road. Do the research and then take the plunge. Good luck!
    2010 AWD charger R/T -- Black -- daily driver
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    2007 decommissioned police charger w/5.7 Hemi -- Black -- 2015 project car (dropped valve seat) -- Sold but still close by

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