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    Check Engine light and P2098

    I have the Catalytic converter recall done on my 2016 Challenger Hellcat about 2 months ago.
    Every thing was fine, ran like it did before. Last night ourt of the blue, the Check engine lite came on,
    and the engine "sounded like" it is running rough, with a flutter like sound from the exhuaust, but
    the flutter is more under the car not in the back exhaust exit.
    I ran diagnostics getting a P2098 ( engine control module (ECM) detecting the post catalytic
    O2 sensor fuel trim is testing too lean on a two trip minimum to set the code. left bank)

    1) The ECM is detecting the pre catalytic O2 sensor not working correctly and
    then monitors the post catalytic O2 sensor to see if the problem correlates to the
    pre catalytic O2 sensor on a two trip requirement.
    2) The exhaust may have a leak or engine problem before the pre catalytic sensor.
    3) The engine may have mechanical or fuel related issues causing the code.
    4) The O2 sensor wiring or sensor is the failure.

    The engine runs rough and has a flutter like sound from the exhaust. This like a leak?
    The engine light and sound came on suddently out of the blue. Something done during this
    catalytic converter change had to of caused this, the car ran fine, check engine light had
    never come on before this. I pulled fuse 31 for five minutes and the check engine light
    is off, but the flutter sound is still there. Its hard to tell if the engine really is running
    rough or it just sounds this way.

    Anyone have any comments/suggestions? I will be bringing it to the dealer tommorrow.

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    A flutter-like noise can be an exhaust leak, and exhaust leaks can definitely trip the downstream fault. Since you recently had work done, I'd go back to them and ask them to check that your joints are all still tight, hopefully they wouldn't expect you to pay to prove they didn't goof it up.
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