The Powerstorm Race Series 2015-2019 built 6.2L Stroker engine features many upgrades allowing it to handle up to 1,400 Crank Horsepower. Built around the SRT Hellcat Engine. It has our custom pistons, 3.200 HEMI RODS .866 PIN 2.100 JOURNAL, .3795 HEMI CRANK, MAIN BEAR SET, ROD BEARINGS, 6.1 HEMI THRUSH WASHER, HEMI MAIN STUD 6.1, CAMSHAFT BEARING, AND STANDARD JOURNAL.If your looking to take your Hellcat to the next level this MONSTER of a short block is for you!When you put all of that together you end up with an exceptionally high quality engine that will provide you with years of service and power. If you have any question on if this engine is the best choice for you just give us a call we'd be glad to help! Call us at 313-561-5500 ext 104 or ask for cody and i can help you out!