Looking for a fix to my issue,
I have a my16 with the Technology group blind spot monitoring system (with the FCWS). Works just as I'd expect in normal traffic, although when it comes to backing up into parking spaces (I rarely ever pull front in) with absolutely no moving traffic around me, the cross path detection go absolutely nuts. And it even happens when there isn't even a car, or obstacles remotely around me. I just beeps at 100 dB the entire time I back up into spots without fail. And Its getting pretty irritating. What's even more annoying is it overrides the distance sensors.

If I'm backing up and the cross path starts beeping, if I come to a complete stop, then start reversing again, it usually stops, but obviously this is pretty annoying to do EVERY time and unnecessary.

Is there any way to run a calibration on it without going to the dealership, can I disable just that part of the system all together? (I find it a useless feature as I really never pull in nose first)
Also, is there a way to turn it down? Its so F*kn loud, as if my speakers were basting music full volume.

Other than that this car is incredible, its just this one issue that is really driving me absolutely nuts.