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Thread: Pedal Commander

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTSRT8 View Post
    I did... And respectfully, This is MY EXPERIENCE. I'm letting others know about it for THIS modification. Anyone that wants info PM me. Seems this subject is touchy for some.....
    I think hemissary's point is that anecdotes are the least strong form of evidence for something.
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    It's only a touchy subject for those that aren't willing to accept the truth.

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    Anyone remember comic book called CARtoons?

    One comic strip featured a guy driving up to a pump at a gas station. The car was seriously shaking - as if it had a 500ci monster under the hood with the most lumpy cam imaginable. The gas jockey was marveling at the sound "man that thing is seriously badazz!!"

    The owner, looking like the cat that ate the canary, polishing his finger nails on his shirt sez with a sense arrogance - looking down his nose at the gas jockey "yah...its pretty built up n' FAST !!"

    The jockey popped the hood and immediately notices a lead on the coil was jumping up and down making / breaking contact. Before the driver could stop the jockey, the jockey sez "dang - let me fix that for ya". Once the coil lead was secure, the car's engine began purring like a kitten...smooooth as a sewing machine.

    The jockey, with a knowing smirk on his face said to the now sheepish / embarrassed driver "yah...sure...its real monster."

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