I'm having a few issues with my 2010 Challenger RT, and I'm hoping somebody can help me resolve these issues. I believe these two issues may be related.

My AC doesn't cool like it should, at idle it blows warm, and while driving it cools a little, but doesn't get as cold as it use to. I have had the Freon checked, and it had the proper amount. Just to be sure, I had the system evacuated and recharged with no luck. I would also like to say that the condenser was damaged, and replaced a couple years back.

I've also had a few issues with the air ambient sensor/circuit. Note: The car only seems to have the air ambient circuit problem when idling for an extended period of time in the hot texas sun. For the last week or so the car hasnt really complained about this issue (no check engine light). But previous codes for this issue include: P0072, and P0073. I have replaced the ambient air sensor multiple times with no luck resolving the issue. The sensor seems to be giving out an accurate reading, the car says it's 97°F outside, and the thermostat on my back porch reads 96°F. When the check engine light is on with either of these codes the ac blows hot at idle and while driving.

P0072 - Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit "A" Low
P0073 - Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High

Outside temp: 97°F
A/C Temp while driving 55 mph: 72°F
A/C Temp while at idle: 90°F

Any help will be much appreciated,