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    Trojans SEMA Challenger unveiled. Not 56k friendly

    Well everybody its been a helluva past 2 months. I'm here to tell you the story, The whole story as best I can.

    I waited what seemed like forever to get the car and then completely dismantled it. I was tripping when we took it all apart.
    I lost alot of sleep over it. I did have faith that it would all get done, I Just knew it would take some time, stress, money,
    and a lot of luck!

    I went into this knowing a few things for sure I wanted to do. And some things I didn't want to do. Busting into the 10's is for sure a goal, and
    then after that I want to do a few mods and get her on the road course's as well. Id like to spend the next year running the car and
    doing alot less modding. I know Im gonna need to get the tranni worked on and beefed up as well as a few more things to get her up to par with the goals I have in mind.
    To start with I had a deal going with Pedders for the first Challenger ever with there track II Kit installed, This was golden as we all know how much these kits are.
    Nevertheless they did there full kit and bushing's and I absolutely love it. I thought my 300C handled well, I was wrong. Real Wrong in comparison. I was just getting used to it when we had to dismantle the car.

    I knew I wanted a 426 Stroker,
    I wasn't sure who was gonna build as I was pricing different options. At the time I was over at HoP in HB, I had the option to do it
    all there in-house but things didn't work out for alot of reasons. Thats not for this thread.
    Long time friend Manny de Encio of "Automotive Design Concepts" formally of 714 motor sports, offered up his warehouse space in Huntington Beach to let me do the project there.
    Along side his 3 SEMA Nisson Builds. Hes got 20 yrs of connections in the industry and over 158 cover shots of his vehicles. I was in great hands.
    So the stage was set for the build to begin.

    Since coming to these forums Ive met so many of you people and made some many connections. I thank you all for that. I could have gone with any of the great
    vendors here. After all was said and done I chose High Horse Performance for my motor. Josh/Bruce at HHP have always
    taken great care of me, There great guys, we get along and there service is by far at the top of the game. There motor program is pretty tight as well.
    Tony Bischoff/BES Racing has been building motors for over 25 years and holds alot of titles. I could sleep at night. Josh made me a package that
    one can only dream about. Heres what I got from HHP, 426 Stroker N/A Sealed motor, 90 mm Arrington TB, Port Matched Intake Manifold, KOOKS long tube headers,
    Corsa Cat-back, RDP TC, DSS 1000hp axles, Quaife LSD. I had box's all over the place. I pretty much had everything but the motor within weeks.
    So with all that ordered I moved on to the body/Interior.

    We took the hood, the front clip, rear clip, trunk, and rockers to Auto Explosion in Gardena for modifications and paint. Esteban and his son Damien "Ruff n Tuff"
    are award winning painters and there shop puts out show cars all day long. They custom made this 1 off grill/Hood for me. I love you guys. We got the factory "Hemi Orange" paint code from Ted/Jeff at Mopar Super Center, Thanks you guys. MSC played a huge roll in my build. They shipped alot of products straight to Tony at BES for my motor build and help expedite alot of parts for me.
    About 2 weeks into my build I was invited to SMS and went down there with Cam, One thing lead to another and I worked out a deal with SMS. Had to Call Josh and stop the motor build, We need low compression pistons and a different cam, Josh didnt flinch, Got me the pistons/cam and we moved on. The thought of that Super charger under the hood was all that mattered. Saleen was a name you could trust, There in my area, and there dedicated. For backing like that, I was, and still am thrilled to death. Thank you Sean and Steve.

    With all that in the works I sent my car over to the fab shop for this 6 pt roll cage, The cage is completely removable and NHRA legal, The door bars come out,
    and because its removable I was able to powder cote it as well. Im real happy with it, Simpsons sent me the 5pt harness's, as the final touch.

    We custom made the 3 pod gauge pillar ourselves and Mannie's friend did all the Interior for me. Suede head liner and pillars, They replaced my seat foam with stiffer foam on the sides and the did a little bit of reshaping with the bolsters. All the stitching was done in Orange. I got the shifter from Jeff at MSC.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch I went down to see Jose at I.D wheels and he cut this 5 spokes for me, Had them powdercoted black and we had "Pinstrip Bob" come down and do the pin striping. TOYO st II's on the front and rear.

    Moving on to step 300 , Josh has the motor shipped to me in 3 days, I had to pick it up at a distribution center in L.A about a hour from my home. They set it in my truck with a forklift and was I off to the shop. The motor was bolted to a pallet and all sealed up. A few days later I was able to get my good friend Cam to donate a full day to do the motor swap. Without Cams help I would have been lost, it would have taken days and I would have bloody knuckles and a million worries, Thank you Cam!!! Cam even got my WideBand AF, tranni temp , Boost Gauges installed that day for me.
    Cam and I got started about about 8:30am that morning and we were fired up and running at 6:00 pm with the BES/HHP Stroker. It was a great day. Dan "HemiCharger" showed up as well and helped all day, Thanks Dan!
    I also want to thank John "MagFX" for his time as well, He showed up 2 different days to wire up my gauges all stealth and make sure everything was perfect. Thank you John!

    Nick from BFXenon came over a few times and got me all hooked up with HID Headlights/Fogs. Lights are bright as fu*k! Thanks Dude!

    So with the motor swap done, the new convertor in, Axles, and quaife, It was time to install the powdercoted cage and all the interior pieces. Everything went together great. I must say this is not what I first envisioned, Im used to a stealth Black car, This was a huge leap for me. The whole Orange/Black theme.
    Not sure how long I will keep this theme, we will see, Im gonna at least race it this way for awhile, See what develops from SEMA and maybe do a stealth black makeover later. It definitely says "WOW! in a big way, Cant see myself even thinking of going over the speed limit, Ive driven it around a bit and people trip out hard. Nothing low profile about this car.

    Once it was all back together we put the cat-back on and vinyls. I got it detailed and took it over to "RCH Designs" in Huntington Beach for some photo studio time.
    The photos turned out great.
    I still got a couple more surprises left for SEMA, and the SMS Blower will be installed this week for me down at SMS's facility. For sure, it will be on the vehicle at SEMA. Then its off to Vegas.

    The Car will be the feature vehicle in DIABLO SPORTS booth #21021,

    Id like to take a few and thank all my sponsors formally here. Not in any special order, Without ALL these folks help and support this build would not have taken place.

    HHP Racing, Diablo Sport, BES Racing, SMS Supercars, Pedders Suspension, Kooks Headers, Corsa Exhaust, Innovate Motorsports, Automotive Design Concepts, Auto Explosion, Mopar Super Center, Black Flys,, BFXenon, I.D Luxury Wheels, Billet Technologies, Ultimate pedals, Superior Mats, RedFox Racing, RDP , RCH Designs, TOYO, Cam, MagFX, 1bad4dr, HemiCharger, Inferal, USCGCharger, LXForums, SRTConnection, and a very special thanks to "A.J" Adrienne Janic for her help/support.

    The final build is as follows.
    HHP/BES 426 Blower Stroker Motor
    HHP/BES Ported & Polished Cylinder Heads
    HHP/BES Stage 4 SRT-8 Blower Cam
    Custom Ross Pistons & Rings, Callies Compstar Crankshaft & Rods, 2000 ARP Bolts, ACL Bearings, PSI Valve Springs, Manley Titanium Retainers, Manley Pushrods, ATI Balancer 8.5 to 1 compression
    SMS 296 Twin Screw Supercharger
    Diablosport Custom CMR Tuning
    Kooks Custom Stepped Race Headers
    Corsa Performance Cat-Back Exhaust
    RDP Motorsport 2800 Race Torque Converter
    Driveshaft Shop 1000hp Axles
    Quaife Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
    Pedders Full Race Suspension
    Full 6-Point Removable Roll Cage
    Custom Race Seats & Harness
    Custom T/A Challenger Hood
    Custom Front Grill & Lighting
    Custom Front & Rear Carbon Fiber Spoilers
    Intro Ram 5 Custom 20" Wheels w/ ID Center Caps
    Toyo 255/45 front & 275/45 Rear Proxes ST II Tires

    Enjoy the pictures. We will be doing a celebrity photo shoot with "A.J" Adrienne Janic and the Challenger for a SEMA poster. Special Thanks to HAZMAN for all his hard work.

    And yes its official, Thanks Matt, "elcobra44"
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    HOLY CRAP! I knew it would be top notch with you at the helm...but damn this is just perfect! Congrats to you on pulling it off!
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    Dang, son!! DANG!!!!!!

    Doesn't get any hotter than that right there.... Holy cow!

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    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy sheeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

    *edit* I'm disappointed the calipers aren't orange! (had to find SOMETHING to pick on!)
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    HOLY FU*K CHRIS!It's,it's,it's...........amazing!Congrats!
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    When do we get to see under that hood? I'm drooling over here.......

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    She turned out sweet buddy!!. Glad I could help.
    From wild to extra wild we got you covered with crap ya never knew you needed.

    The first 6.1 transformation and it all went down hill from there.

    08 route 66 burnout champion 07 Shindig 6.1NA winner. Willow Springs 1:42!!. 11.796 @ 117mph

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    wow...damn congrats!!!

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    Wow!! Just amazing Chris. I can only imagine the number of pictures we're going to see in publications from what you've put together. This is going to be one hot car at SEMA, that's for sure!

    You are Alpha Dog! I can't wait to see this in person.
    " Where Southern California Car Culture Meets Modern Mopar Muscle"

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    wow is that thing real lol i can only dream about something like that

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    that think is focking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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    Dude Holy Shhhhhhhheeeeeeaaat That Is Freaking Sick......that Is Extremely Sick Looking !!!
    Mods: 6.1 motor with PPP Ported Heads and 224/228 598/578 113LSA, stock tq converter, stock SRT headers with gutted cats, JBA 3in exhaust, LMI hammer design intake. The only 6.1 motor running a 2.82 rear.....Soon to be 3.06 gears.....Installs done by Afterhours Mopar Performance

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    Words cannot describe how BAD ASS!! that car is.
    It's just like everything you do TOP NOTCH.

    2009 B5 Blue Challenger R/T /Billy Briggs 426/ Thitek Heads & Cam /
    Installed By BFNY Performance/
    SHR Trans Paramount 8.8 & Dominator TC /Tuned By Jerseyboy /

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    What can ya say to something like this? You've left me speechless Chris.

    If I ever decide to dig in again, you're going to be the first guy I call. The way you've defined your goals and orchestrated your resources to achieve those goals is, to me, almost more impressive than the car itself.

    I've been a fan of your stuff for a long time Chris. But this... well its the pinnacle, plain and simple.
    On to... ...the next

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