Hey guys,

it’s about the end of the line for my Charger and I know it won’t be worth much for a trade in so I figured I would post here for those in the know about 5.7 performance parts.

The car has 230,000 km’s on it but still runs very strong. The quarters are rusty as it has seen every winter with no undercoating since 2005.

The good:

Inertia performance heads milled 0.20. About 40000 km’s on them
Inertia Spartan plus cam. About 28000 km’s on it
Diablo Predator with tune from Stu at Inertia.
6.1 CAI 180000 km’s
6.1 timing set
3.06 first gen SRT diff, hubs and half shaft
2012 Super Bee 20” rims (there is curb rash...wife)
180 T stat
6.1 exhaust manifolds
Magnaflow 6.1 cats
6.1 crank pulley

Dyno at Authentic Performance 358 HP. 381 TQ at wheels
Ran 13.2 at 108 on ****ty tires with 2.2-2.4 60fts

The bad:
tear in driver seat
tie rods and lower comtrol arms shot
likely needs brakes
leaky power sreering lines

Still squaks tires on the 1-2 shift

Boufht a Ford and now I can’t afford to maintain 2 cars anymore

would like to sell complete for $3500 obo. You can’t even get the heads and cam shipped up here for that amount plus install etc....

PM if interested