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This is a good read. Years ago when I built my 2006 to a 6.1 converted beast with nitrous, I purchased a 2009 TCase for this very purpose. All was well, except I was not willing to daily the car unless I addressed the voltage AND frequency of the modern AWD switch. The electromagnetic clutches are engaged with more than just a volt, there's a pulse output to help manage exactly what you mentioned about freeing clutches during turning and so on.

Kind of exciting to see someone take something we old dogs in the forum started about 5 years ago and run with it. Hell yeah boys! Keep the thread alive.

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I'm mainly concerned with straight line traction so constant on isn't an issue in that sense. Just hoping to fix the axle issue in case I forget it on while turning (also to hopefully extend the life of the axles when being lowered). It has certainly helped with traction already, as it was becoming an issue with the stall converter and the old transfer case. Now it's just a quick chirp and goes when launching on the highway.