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    Question Do I NEED a lockpick after RER install?

    Bought a RER Nav radio from a member who had it in his '08 Charger and installed it into my '08 Charger to replace the standard radio. The goal was to have Nav, a backup camera, and Uconnect.
    I installed the backup camera and powered and grounded it through the wires at the backup lamp harness (white/green tracer power and black ground) Utilized an Alpine wiring harness adapter which accepts the RCA camera cable and plugs into the back of the radio
    Installed a Mopar brand microphone kit ( confirmed tab to lock connection configuration per instructions) and that plugged into the back of the radio.
    Radio powered up, NAV works, phone paired and can receive calls but microphone doesn't appear to work
    Backup camera doesn't activate when car put in reverse
    Plugged my Starscan in and can't seem to find any method to "activate" these features. Came across the radio ecu section in the tool and it tells me info about the unit, shows my vin# as being current and the last vin# attached to the radio.
    So.... am I stuck? I thought only a Lockpick was required to install these radios into the older vehicles? Oh.. my car is custom tuned using HP Tuners to control engine and trans...not sure if that affects any of the body module functions.
    Thanks for any help... Mike

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    Yes sir I think you do. That year never came with back up cam and I had to add me for it to work too

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