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01-04-2008, 04:08 PM
I'm sure nothing is better than a well-rated fire suit, but if you are on a budget, this is one hell of a way to protect yourself on the cheap and it beats the holy hell out of nothing.

go to http://sportsmansguide.com

search for "nomex"

You will see Nomex military surplus gloves, balaclavas, shirts and jumpsuits. Dam near a whole outfit. You can get a suit, a set of gloves, and a balaclava ALL for less than 80 bucks. Check it out.

I've got a full suit of Carmyth undies, a Carmyth balaclava, nomex gloves and socks and I was going to wait on the full suit. Jumped on this stuff for giggles.

01-04-2008, 04:27 PM
Isn''t there an extra yardage charge for XXXL?:mrgreen:

01-04-2008, 05:05 PM
Yeah but they weren't selling any condoms to me.

p.s. f u

01-04-2008, 05:08 PM
For a great firesuit, check out www.profoxracing.com (http://www.profoxracing.com) They make fire suits for a larger safety equipment company in CA, at a mere fraction of the price. Great quality, great price. And...these are rated, so you can go to the track and pass the safety inspection.

01-04-2008, 05:15 PM
I saw them and posted them up in a thread a few months back. It was brought up that the suits are not fully Nomex. Just parts of them.

I was planning on this suit (http://www.saferacer.com/simpson-super-sport-standard-suit.html?productid=1206). SFI 5, full nomex construction and reasonable pricing. $400 for an SFI 5 full nomex suit is pretty good.

AND it doesn't have all the poofball styling that some of the more... flamboyant suits have.

But hey, with a full set of fireproof undies and $40 (forty dollars) nomex air force coveralls... may just call it good.

01-04-2008, 05:24 PM
There are degrees of protection;)

01-04-2008, 05:24 PM
Agreed that the suit is not full Nomex, but, it passes all the requirements to protect you for the 10 seconds (SFI-1 rated) to gain the SFI-1 certification. To me, as long as it gives me that extra 10 seconds of time (I have the SFI-1 pants & jacket), doesn't look "poofball" (I liked how you worded it!) and wasn't an arm and a leg, it works for me. :) Bunch of the guys I used to run with in the local Corvette Challenge use the same brand. BTW...Profox makes suits for the company that you linked above. Profox changes some of the materials (still fire-proof) for their units, to lessen the price. :)