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05-15-2016, 08:18 AM
Has anyone done an engine swap form a 5.7l to a 6.4l. I went from a 2014 5.7l to a 2012 6.4l. I just got it in friday and im having a little trouble getting it to run right. Here is what ive done. The donor car had caught fire and burned the wire harness off not to mention the intake manifold and the valve covers. The engine block and oil is fine. So i used the inke from the 5.7l which fits nicely. Ports are the same. The exhaust manifolds fit perfect from the 5.7. The donor was also an automatic so i swapped the mds solonoids out for the block off plugs. All the harness hooks up perfect and everything. My big question is do i need to have the computer flashed and would it help. This is the pcm fpr the 5.7l. I read on here somewhere that the pcm is the same for both engines and should have both tunes already in it. Maybe i misunderstood though. Any help is great. I really wanna drive my car again.

05-17-2016, 01:03 AM
Ok so i believe i have figured this out. If you dont want to swap out your lifters. (Which i may do later on) you must leave the mds solenoids in the engine. If you change out to the plugs im guessing it doesnt stop the oil from going into the special oil passages. Therefore it still pressurizes and pushes in the pins on the lifters. So i put the solenoids back in. And it runs better but still not right. I think its because when i took the solenoids out the tops came off and of course theyre plastic and spring loaded so a couple of pieces in two of them went flying across the garage. I couldnt find them. I thought what the heck id give it a try and see what happens. I put them back together without the spring and the tiny washers. The other two i was able to find all the pieces. Needless to say i still have a dead miss on two cylinders. I ordered some new ones and will update you guys when they come in.