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12-19-2015, 11:50 AM
2015 Charger Scat Pack---- I got a yellow engine light - but u connect says drive on - so I did then I got a failed downshift (paddle) and then a big bang, the manual shifting was disallowed for a couple of miles, then ok. Light went out next day, but shifting down in auto is very late - meaning approaching a corner the cars stays in high gear until I get on throttle and it shifts down to a matching gear to the speed. Also the engine seems down on power now, I'm sure I'm using more throttle than before.
anyway going to take it in for inspection today

I suspect some software issue holding the engine back and i'm sure the paddle downshift isn't blipping the throttle as much either.


06-03-2018, 01:22 PM
Yea mine was doing some weird stuff delayed shift holding dears to long. There are two tsb on this for the tcm and ecu. Mine back to shifting like a muscle car should