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05-12-2013, 01:14 PM
Ok guys, last event on 04-12-13 was for us to have a track day at NJMP, needless to say, poor showing for Mopar. Now, we're being called out by Jay, one of the lead instructors and organizers:

"OK Modern Mopar guys. I'm calling you out! It was a weak showing at NJMP in April, weather notwithstanding, but now it's time to stretch those legs and put all the horsepower to use. Beginner group at Pocono is almost full but there is plenty of room in the intermediate and advanced groups. 150 mph is easy on the single infield - the turning is the challenge. What do you say?"

Here's the link for Hooked on Driving:

High Performance Driving Schools, Lessons, Driving Experience, HPDE, Professional Driving School (http://www.hookedondriving.com/event-details/HOD_NE_Flat_Out_on_the_Pocono_2.5_Long_Course_May_ 24,_2013)

Here's the link to HOD Facebook page:


I may not be able to go, my car is still waiting for parts and still on the lift. If I can get her ready, I'm there!! For $295.00 you cannot go wrong! Let's make a strong showing! Show them what LX's can do!

If you want to have a lot of fun and hone your driving skills in your Mopar LX/LY Platform car then please reply via PM to be put on the preliminary list. At this event, you will get five (5) thirty (30 min) minute sessions following an all hands meeting on safety, flag designations and rules of the road. During the course of the day post run reviews will follow the on track sessions. A relaxing, sit down lunch will be provided to all at mid-day. Once you secure your spot, you will be given contact information.

Run Groups: Each run group will contain up to 25 cars. Groups A and B will have “Download” meetings after each morning session, with some later in the day optional. Group C will generally have at least one download meeting. All drivers are required to use a full face helmets that are Snell certified for 2005 or 2010. M helmets are OK, however SA is required for any driver wearing a fire suit and running a car with a race modified interior.

Group A: The beginner group, is the starting point for new drivers in which the Group Leader discusses the fundamentals of driving on track to include; flags – their meaning and recognition, track protocol – how to handle an unexpected circumstance, the “rules of the road,” and the fundamental skills of driving a car at a higher level than many have ever done. We ask that, regardless of level of experience – if you haven’t been on the specific track that is the site of your event – you start in Group A until you are familiar with the track, we are familiar with you, and we can promote you to more advanced groups during the day as appropriate. Group A drivers will be provided an HOD coach to ride “shotgun” with them and guide them through the day.

Group B: The intermediate group, can be quite diverse and includes some very capable drivers who choose to keep the pace down a bit, as well as drivers on the way up in skill who are ready to add to their technical knowledge of how to drive quickly and safely. A more analytical approach to each turn is discussed, with introduction of techniques such as heel/toe shifting, understanding understeer and oversteer, discussion of car preparation and handling characteristics, and troubleshooting problem turns as the pace picks up. All B Group drivers will have a Coach for the first run of the day.

Group C: The advanced group, has many track days under their belt, and may also be a past competitive driver who wants to just stay in the hobby. Drivers in Group C are always reminded that just because the pace has accelerated, HOD is not about racing – its about how well we drive, and having a good time. Group C tends to be mostly track day regulars who get to know one another on and off the track, and learn what to expect from each driver’s skill, speed, and to trust one another to keep the track fun for all. Advanced driving techniques such at trail braking, double apexes, varying a driving line based on the car’s characteristics are all a part of the Group C skill set.

Group D: Reserved for Coaches.


05-16-2013, 03:11 PM
Only one spot left for A Group Drivers!

05-16-2013, 10:30 PM
Do they have any way to measure top speed while on the oval portion?