View Full Version : Safety warning to all!!! Ball joint removal; a near death experience!!!

06-02-2012, 08:02 AM
If you attempt to press your own balljoints out of your lx's steering knuckle with a c-clamp press and it's not working well, heating the knuckle with a torch is Dangerous!!!

Fortunatly the balljoint was pointed at the floor, when my neighbour and I were giving the knuckle heat to expand the knuckle surrounding the joints socket, but we had the c-clamp and cups off, the balljoints socket got too warm and the ball of the joint fired out its socket like a rifle going off!!!

The ball took a small chunk out of my vise, deflected off my nieghbours knee and took a piece out of my concrete floor. He's okay except his knee has a knarly looking bruise.

Surely, if the ball were pointed in any other direction than down one of us would have a burning balljoint lodged in our corpse.

If you need to heat the knuckle do it with the c-clamp and cup over the joint and wear ear plugs too, my ears were ringing for hours after that. And if this makes you nervous, bring your knuckle to a proffessional and warn him of what you just read here.

There's also surprisingly lots of videos on youtube of exploding ball joints btw, look it up!