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03-04-2012, 05:09 AM
Tinting tail lights
did some tinting of my tail lights to match the color of my car better. There are basically 2 ways to do this. You can mix your paint into clear coat. or mix it with clear base, then clear over that. I'm using clearcoat in this demo.

First step is to take off your tail lights clean them, and scuff them. I used 600 grit wet sandpaper here but a scotchbrite will do. make sure you get everything good and scuffed with no shiny spots

I need to keep scuffing.

next clean them off good and tape up what you don't want painted.

Spray adhesion promoter using directions for your product

Mix your clear as per instructions. then add some color (i'm using red to match my car a bit better. you can use black for that smoke look) checking it against the stick to get the tint you want (remember, you can always add more, hard to take it out....)

once you get where you want it test spray to see how it turns out and shoot your tail lights. If you need to add more color remember to wait for your flash time before adding another coat. You DO NOT want this to run, if it does, color will bunch up in the run and you can't wet sand that out. Just keep adding color a little at a time till you spray it out and see a change in the tint of the tail lights. after that you can just add second and third coats (if needed) to get to where you want.

First pass

second pass

Third pass

Fourth pass

Cant do anymore........

Almost done

All thats left is to cut and buff them. Here they are installed, i'll be doing the wetsanding and buffing tonight. I didn't want to go extreme, but one more coat would have been nice. I can always mix up more paint and do some more later, but I can't go back so i'll run like this and see how it is. I just wanted them to match the paint a little better.