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06-04-2009, 08:49 PM
i hate writing these things, but i've had a bad experience. here is what happened:

"crappy service" is putting it lightly. i had one ring crack (ok...my fault), but the other one got no power from the power supplies that came with the kit. so i called and they said i had to pay for a replacement for the cracked one (again...fine). but when i told them the other was getting no power, they said they'd send me a replacement for that as well at no charge. mind you, this was just the FOG kit.

so a few days later, i get my replacement package. i get one replacement fog halo, and a replacement HEADLIGHT halo. i say to myself "ok...if all goes well, i'll call them and order a second headlight halo so i have a matching setup". well, with the NEW foglight halo, i still get nothing when we hook it up. so now i have 3 halos that i can't do squat with, my foglights are cut in half on my work bench and i'm driving around with no fogs for about 3 weeks now. i emailed AAC and PM'd them through here and have received ZERO response.

needless to say....i'm NOT thrilled. i would have taken an exchange for something else, such as their LED interior bulbs, but now i just want my money back.