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05-27-2009, 10:50 AM

On Saturday, June 20, 2009 [rain date: Sunday, June 21, 2009), Magnum Entertainment Group, Inc. invites you to participate in the First Annual Lobbyists for Speed Drag Race Series for Charity at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD, from 12:00PM - 5:00PM. This charity event will feature head-to-head quarter-mile drag racing on an NHRA-approved track.

Lobbyists for Speed Drag Race Series for Charity [www.lobbyistsforspeed.com ]

Racers include registered lobbyists from both sides of the aisle and friends 25+ with a valid U.S. drivers license (spectators of all ages are welcome).

Capitol Raceway [www.capitolraceway.com) - Approximately 30 minutes from downtown Washington, D.C.
Route 3 South, Crofton, MD 21114
Hotline: 410-721-7281; Race Day: 410-721-9664; Weekdays: 410-793-0661 [email protected] ([email protected])

Saturday, June 20, 2009 [rain date: Sunday, June 21, 2009 / same time] 12:00 noon to 2:00PM: Test Racing & Car Tuning 2:30PM – 4:30PM: Head-to-head Racing
4:45PM: Awards Ceremony

To race: $300 per racecar; $150 per racecar for government employees and members of the Capital Club of Washington, $10 per spectator (children under 12 are free) Each driver chooses and races for his/her own respective charity on Race Day (ie. American Red Cross, United Way, etc.). Prizes and trophies will be awarded to winners in each of the two classes at


Stock & Street Legal
The Stock & Street Legal class encompasses all foreign and domestic production vehicles. This includes all model passenger cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles. Few modifications or alterations are allowed.

Modified Street Legal
The Modified Street Legal Class includes all street legal cars that have been modified in any mechanical or performance-enhancing way.
Such modifications include
alterations to the original exhaust or engine; the introduction or re- calibration of a vehicle’s computer chip; and the addition or modification of turbo- or super-chargers.

Drivers must fill in all information on the ONLINE ENTRY FORM at www.lobbyistsforspeed.com (http://www.lobbyistsforspeed.com/) . Additionally, please e-mail a photo of your racing vehicle as well as a head shot of the driver to [email protected] ([email protected]). Lobbyists for Speed will be publishing a program for the event, which will feature a profile of each driver, include a headshot; details and a photograph of your racing machine; information on the charity for which you are racing; and your racing name (as you would like it announced by Master of Ceremonies Marc Sterne). If you fail to provide this information and/or the photos, both will be provided in your stead with full creative authorship given to the Lobbyists for Speed Board Members.

All drivers must wear a helmet, closed-toed shoes, long-sleeves, and pants. This is for your own protection so please don’t attempt to lobby the management to obtain an exception. There is no extra charge for passengers riding in the racing vehicles, but passengers must be over 18 years of age and must wear the required head protection, clothing, and shoes.

Concessions will be sold at the Raceway but glass containers/bottles are NOT allowed onto the property!

The Master of Ceremonies will be Washington Nationals Radio voice Marc Sterne who will announce the play-by-play of each race from the Speed Tower. Mr. Sterne has been in radio for over 10 years, beginning as a DJ for an oldies station in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. In 1999, he arrived in Washington, D.C. to serve as Billy Bush's (now at Access Hollywood)producer and sidekick on The Bush League Morning Show on Z104. A few years later, he left to pursue a dream of working in sports broadcasting, joining WTEM Sportstalk 980. He worked on just about every show on the air and behind the scenes and covered baseball for the station for four years (both the Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Nationals). Mr. Sterne had his own show "Baseball Roundup," which aired Saturday mornings. While there, he was paired with Tony Kornheiser when Mr. Kornheiser made his return to radio after leaving ESPN Radio. The two continued their collaboration at Washington Post Radio where Mr. Sterne again served as Mr.
Kornheiser’s producer as well as on air as the mysterious character of “Nigel.”

OFFICIAL RACING RULES (as approved by the NHRA):
This drag race series is an acceleration contest—from a standing start —between two vehicles over the measured distance of one quarter-mile (1,320 feet). As this event is a series, there are tournament-style eliminations for both racing categories – Stock and Modified. The losing driver in each race is eliminated and the winning drivers progress until one driver remains.

Each heat in this race will start at the behest of a device commonly known as the “Christmas Tree,” due to its multicolored starting lights. There are seven lights on each side of the Tree: two small amber lights at the top of the fixture, followed in descending order by three larger LED lights, a green bulb, and a red bulb.

Two light beams cross the starting-line area and connect to trackside photocells, which are wired to the Christmas Tree and electronic timers in the control tower. When the front tires of a vehicle break the first light beam, called the pre-stage beam, the pre-stage light on the Christmas Tree indicates that the racer is approximately seven inches from the starting line.

When the racer rolls forward into the stage beam, the front tires are positioned exactly on the starting line and the stage bulb is lit on the Tree, which indicates that the vehicle is ready to race. When both vehicles are fully staged, the starter in the tower will activate the Tree, and each driver will focus on the three large amber lights on his/her side of the Tree.
All three large amber lights will illuminate consecutively five-tenths of a second apart, followed five-tenths of a second later by the green light (to practice your reaction time, visit: www.racewindsor.com/Trees/sportsman.html (http://www.racewindsor.com/Trees/sportsman.html)
. Or, if you’re really serious about winning: www.performancetrends.com/Drag_Race_Practice_Tree.ht (http://www.performancetrends.com/Drag_Race_Practice_Tree.ht)

Two performances are monitored for each run: elapsed time performance and speed performance. Upon leaving the staging beams, each vehicle activates an elapsed-time clock, which is stopped when that vehicle reaches the finish line. The start-to-finish clocking is the vehicle's elapsed time (e.t.), which serves to measure performance. Speed is measured in a 66-foot "speed trap" that ends at the finish line. Each lane is timed independently.

The first vehicle across the finish line wins, unless, in applicable categories, it runs quicker than its dial-in or index. A racer also may be disqualified for leaving the starting line too soon; leaving the lane boundary (either by crossing the centerline, touching the guardwall or guardrail, or striking a track fixture such as the photocells); or failing to stage.

We look forward to a safe, entertaining, and charitable event on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at Capitol Raceway. We will be posting all information on our website, www.lobbyistsforspeed.com (http://www.lobbyistsforspeed.com/), so visit early and often. Don’t forget to e-mail your driver head shot and racing vehicle photo to [email protected] ([email protected]) or suffer the artistic consequences of the Board.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Kimbell ([email protected] ([email protected])
or 202.494.3420), Nick Lewis ([email protected] ([email protected]) or 202.957.7768), or Jeff Myers ([email protected] ([email protected]) or 202-626-3737) with any additional questions or concerns.


Magnum Entertainment Group, Inc. & The Lobbyists for Speed Board Members LOBBYISTS FOR SPEED BOARD

Jeff Kimbell

Jeff Myers

Nick Lewis

Darin Gardner

Mike Eging

John Little

Winn Huffman

Dr. Stuart Ross

Sam Whitfield

Ian Bennett

Fritz Brogan