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03-26-2005, 07:18 PM
Installing the splash guards is not that difficult. You have to order two sets. One for the front. (part number 82208031) And one set for the rear (part number 82208032). You will also need a phillips head screwdriver, diagonal side cutters, a drill and drill bits.

Here is a view of the front drivers side. You will need to cut off three plastic retaining clips with the side cutters. You can't just pull them out or try to pry them out. Just use the cutters, the kit includes screws to replace the plastic retainers.


Here is a view of me cutting the retainers.


Once you have the retainers clipped off, pull the rocker panel back just enough to install two metal clips. The two metal (black in color) clips are installed in the photo below:


Place the splash guard in place and install three screws along the bottom. Once you have it positioned and the screws in place you get to perform the tough part of this installation. Drilling two holes. One is shown in the picture below and the other is just underneath the splash guard. Holes are provided for guides. I found it looks best if you hold the guard tight agains the body of the car while you drill. This will make sure the guard is flush after you install the screw.


Once the holes are drilled. Install the final screws. There is no metal clip for these screws as the holes are drilled into the metal of the car. Be sure not to overtighten the screws as you can strip out the holes if you apply too much torque.

The rear guards install almost exactly the same. Remove the plastic retaining clips with the side cutters, slide the metal clips in place and install the guard with two screws. Once you have the guard in place drill one hole in the slot provided underneath. Install a metal clip (since this is drilled into the not so rigid plastic bumper). Then install a screw and you are done.


Here are some views of what it looks like installed:




I believe anyone with basic tools skills should be able to do this without incident. If you are not comfortable with doing this just get your dealer to install them next time you are in for service. Not sure what they would charge but it took less than an hour start to finish.

06-04-2005, 11:27 AM
Just installed my set in about 40 minutes. You will need to raise the front wheel in order to get the bottom screw in. I made a "lift" by nailing 2 2x4 side by side on top of a pc of 3/4" board I has lying around and drove the front wheel up on that, it was this or go buy a drill w/ a 90 degree head on it. Very easy install otherwise.

06-04-2005, 09:33 PM
instead of using side cutters to remove plastic rivets, try punching in center of rivet, then remove by hand. prevents scratching of painted surfaces.