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  1. Fuel door mod for holding the gas cap *
  2. How to install sonar parking assist
  3. How to Install Splash Guards
  4. Installing a trailer hitch / receiver
  5. TREX grille install - Magnum
  6. installing a four pin trailer harness
  7. Installing a 7-pin trailer wiring harness
  8. Magnum Spoiler removal 101.
  9. Magnetic Gas Cap Mod How-To
  10. RockBlockers Install on Charger
  11. LED taillight swap - Magnum
  12. Add Heated Glass to SXT/SE Non-Folding Mirrors
  13. Applying AAR 'Cuda style vynil graphics
  14. Blinker Modification!
  15. How-to: 300 front end on your Magnum!
  16. Moving front plate mod.
  17. Magnum Hatch Switch Relocation Mod
  18. Installing 80w Xenon Super White Headlamps
  19. Fog lamp removal and resurfacing and air silencer removal
  20. How-to Adjust Sunroof Glass
  21. How To Remove Your Door Pillars!!
  22. [300] License Plate Bracket Relocation
  23. Tinted Tails..... DIY
  24. Stealth Bulbs Install
  25. How to: REMOVE UNSIGHTLY HOOD GAP for $1
  26. HID flickering fix.
  27. Turn Signal Spoiler
  28. Paint Codes.... *
  29. Magnum DIY custom grill
  30. Installing flexible LED strips below your tails.
  31. Charger front license plate mod - If you liked my trunk lid fix, you'll LOVE this one
  32. Magnum Shaved Hatch Popper How-To
  33. Replacing a 2 piece 300C SRT8 front fascia
  34. How to: Install Lights when Opening doors OR when Interior light is on
  35. How To: Dodge OEM Daytona/SRT8 spoiler install
  36. Installing shaved door handle silenoids in your LX
  37. Charger Fascia Removal - Step by Step
  38. El Cobra's Dodge Charger Rear Blinker Mod
  39. My Halo Installation Experience/Magnum
  40. Danko/Mopower Shaker Install
  41. HOW TO: Charger SRT-8 rear diffuser on a non Charger SRT-8 bumper cover
  42. Demolding with a twist.
  43. How to: AAC HID installation (Magnum)
  44. How to fill in your bumper insert pockets
  45. How to mold in your Danko spoiler
  46. How to install tail lights in your Magnum
  47. Hood Strut installation (video)
  48. Magnum CSRT8 Rear Diffuser Installation
  49. Installing factory roof rack rails.
  50. Sunroof Rattle Fix
  51. Charger SRT/Daytona Grille Install Write-up (Pics) 56K Beware
  52. Charger Mopar Foglight Install Write-up (Pics) 56K Beware
  53. How To Restore Your Headlights Using Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit
  54. HOW-TO Detail your ride
  55. Magnum Front Fascia Removal
  56. Magnum Chrome Trim for Front/Rear Bumpers on Dodge Magnum R/T
  57. My taillight tinting method
  58. Charger How to remove outer door pillar trim like a boss
  59. LED Kits Explained
  60. Charger How to Install 345 Emblems / Badges on your Challenger or Charger R/T