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  1. Putting the LX into diagnostic mode
  2. Why doesn't my horn work? *
  3. How to Display Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  4. Do I have the most up-to-date software in my LX?
  5. OBDII Codes
  6. Evic Display Modes *
  7. EVIC MPG miscalculations partially explained *
  8. Information & How To - Ignition Key *
  9. HID flickering fix.
  10. COOLING FAN noise source found/FIX!!!
  11. shifter problems and fix
  12. Auto Window Down/Up Reset Procedure.
  13. Keyless Go Button (tech tip and operation info)
  14. Sunroof not closing flush with the roof?
  15. Can't shift out of park, into gear, and pink thingy replacement
  16. New Hemi Engines 2003 to Present: How to Build Max Performance