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  1. HP Tuners
  2. What does it all mean?? [pids]
  3. FIX: Getting USB to Serial adapter working with Diablo Predator and Windows 10
  4. How do Chassis dynos work?
  5. setting monitors
  6. 2010 Challenger SRT, Mr. Norm, Kenne Bell Emission issue
  7. Full TCM Control and Programming Released
  8. New Tuning and Performance Programming Sub-Forum in the Garage Forum
  9. Rear O2 sensors
  10. Tuner Suite Wars, Diablo, SCT, HPT, who do i choose?
  11. Canned tunes 91 cia vs 93 cia.
  12. best price on a i2 Diablo for my 2015 5.7 hemi?
  13. TranZformer Gen 2
  14. Dumb Tuning question.
  15. The true reliability of dyno numbers
  16. Anyone have Arrington 90mm throttle airflow vs. voltage data?
  17. Custom tune for Procharged 2015 Scat Pack?
  18. What happened to Johan?
  19. Tazer options vs Diablo tune
  20. eurocharged no longer in business
  21. Stock 3.6L Charger Tuning ?
  22. car repainting
  23. Johan Issues
  24. Tuning New Cam issues
  25. Diablosport: Resolution options for gauges, please.
  26. A quick tune check for those with traction issues
  27. Diablo Programmer with CAI
  28. Diablosport and Gas Monkey make the Shart Cat come to life, tonight!
  29. Tuning MDS Plug/solenoid issue.
  30. Trans tuning HPTuners
  31. HP Tuners 3.0 Software release
  32. 2015 auto scat pack
  33. What are the canned tune options from a Diablosport on my 2015?
  34. Trinity To Innovate LM-2
  35. Airbag dealer tuner question
  36. DTC Clearing...
  37. Best email tuner for 6.4
  38. Did Some Data logging And Found Some Confusing Results
  39. Please verify for me......(Trans temp question)
  40. No stock tune to go off of
  41. OST "Email Tuned" Customer Set a New PB - [email protected]
  42. Probably a silly question but...
  43. Cam tuning
  44. getting started wuth my intune i2
  45. Wideband AFR/Boost choice with 1 bank or dual bank q's 2007 5.7 Daytona
  46. 2010 Challenger SRT and Trinity Canned Tunes
  47. Running HPT 3.0 Seeking Torque Managemant & Trans Shift Points Help 2013 R/T Plus
  48. Looking for a good dyno man / turner
  49. Wide Band O2 Recommendation For Logging Only?
  50. Any one in or near indiana with a scan tool?
  51. HPT advice.
  52. ECO Mode
  53. Any good obd2 software for the 300 Hemi?
  54. DiabloSport tune for Hellcat?
  55. Hp tuners gear change
  56. zitronix wideband, how to config to read into itune?
  57. Set: Syked ECU Tuning
  58. Wideband help 12v power
  59. Hp tuners wideband help
  60. problems with tunes
  61. 16 a/f ratio while at wot at the track
  62. Stumbled across this new Ecu developed by nutter racing engines
  63. Dyno Sheet Analysis
  64. Diablo predator not working right
  65. Diablo Trinity with 2011 challenger 6.4L (392)
  66. I Need A HPTuners Layout For Fans
  67. Thermostat 203°F to 180°F = -23°F, Why More In the Tune
  68. ST KNK Confusion.
  69. Setting Gear Ratio Marries DS Handheld??!!
  70. Diablo Sport i2 and California Emissions
  71. Diablo Tuner
  72. dealer updated my PCM now intune won't read...
  73. Engine temp change with A/C on?
  74. 2016 Challenger Scat Pack Tuning
  75. Looking for a .crom file for U7135
  76. Tune for my 300?
  77. shifting issues in my 392 cammed 5.7
  78. Buying a tuner for my 15 Scat Pack Charger soon, got a few specific questions
  79. Will my DiabloSport intune work?
  80. I need a Custom Tune for my 2015 Scatpack
  81. HemiFever Tune
  82. Steps to run 2015 Charger Scat Pack on the dyno w/Intune 2
  83. Potential In Transmission Tuning?
  84. Cold start initial peak RPM
  85. TCU Tuning for Nag1 Transmissions
  86. U7135 Help CROM Files?
  87. Performance woes.
  88. Diablosport
  89. Predator and EGR delete
  90. At what IAT will the timing retard to prevent detonation?
  91. Trinity Help!
  92. Pcm vin coding
  93. Do you need a tuner to actually have your car tuned?
  94. TCM Tuning
  95. anybody have problems when using multiple obdII devices
  96. 2013 challenger RT Intune I-1000 problems..
  97. multiple tunes in Trinity
  98. ANother 2013 challenger RT Intune I-1000 problem..
  99. Need to get cutsom tune
  100. Im in need of info about programming after doing a swap. And alos performance tuning
  101. 5.7 ignition timing
  102. Magnum Stalling and Getting Frustrated.....not sure if it's the PCM???
  103. HP Dyno tune vs all others
  104. HP tuner and Diablo Trinity together?
  105. TCM tuning with HP tuners
  106. DiabloSport Trinity Downloading Woes
  107. Knock threshold
  108. 6.1 hemi swap in my 13 challenger v6 car
  109. Tuning Nightmare...
  110. Does clearing CEL's with Trinity reset adaptives
  111. New Trinity Issue
  112. 07 MSRT8 - P0430 codes due to crappy Hi Flow Cats - Can't pass NYS Insp
  113. HPTuners
  114. DS Tune doesn't work with MDS on
  115. TCM question HELP
  116. 2015 Challenger ScatPack annoying torque management
  117. Tool to Analyze Trinity Logs for Recommended Changes
  118. PLX Wideband and Trinity datalogging question
  119. Intune I-1000 DCX and latest PCM software versions
  120. Diablo Trinity / Hemifever
  121. Gauge Pod
  122. I may have bricked my ECU.
  123. Base E85 tune
  124. DS Trinity tuning parameter for lean condition wait time?
  125. Drag Log
  126. Diablo questions. I2 3.6
  127. Can you modify a Stock tune?
  128. Limp mode
  129. The Trinity is a piece of CRAP just like Diablosport's Customer Service
  130. SRTMAX and Nitrous
  131. 4.5 counts of LT knock on 93 octane tune
  132. Help Needed to add fuel pressure gauge to trinity
  133. tuning question on injector pulse width
  134. Intune DCX info file
  135. Tuning procharger
  136. using hp tuner for prochargerd rt
  137. Innovate Motorsports (3877) LC-2 Digital Wideband Lambda Controller Kit with Bosch LS
  138. 93octane tune, nitrous and a wideband
  139. Adding oem features
  140. long tube headers w/ catted mid pipes - will the emmissions readiness test pass?
  141. ECM pinout diagram for 2013 Charger 5.7/6.4 - anyone?
  142. Intake swap and tuning
  143. Preprogramming for evic and steering controls.
  144. Linklow
  145. Fan settings ??
  146. ATI procharger or Cam + Heads?
  147. wideband installs
  148. Edelbrock Diablosport I1000 to I2
  149. Trinity and MDS
  150. Meth tuning on I2
  151. Dyno or data log tune
  152. hi all i have some question about my intune
  153. Please explain these value
  154. Livernois Motorsports MyCal Tuner/T-stat combo FREE SHIPPING!!!!
  155. Mopar TCM with custom tune on 2006 Charger R/T
  156. Diablosport/HP Tuner campatible together for gear change!
  157. Tune up assistance. The right thread?
  158. 2017 tuning via PCM swap program!
  159. Need some real, knowledgeable advice regarding fuel trim adaptive.
  160. 2006 Charger Daytona. Is there any way I can tune the car to burble on deceleration?
  161. Tune directions
  162. Tranzformer for 2010 6.1 charger
  163. Innovate PSB1 install help.
  164. Using Trinity Diagnostics for correct 02 sensors wiring
  166. Win module pin outs for 2011 challenger
  167. Racepak
  168. Learning to tune
  169. Serious ST KNK at WOT- need ideas!
  170. Diablo I2 issues
  171. 6.1 engine
  172. HpTuners tune and Trinity datalogging/monitoring
  173. Pulling timing or 125 shot, MBT or WOT or both
  174. HHP or MP TCM? California car.
  175. Shifting problems
  176. Finally found my stalling problem!
  177. Tune goes away every time I turn the car off
  178. Boosted 426 Tuning Woes
  179. San Antonio Peeps, Anyone Have Experience With Fuel Injection Specialties?
  180. Was Considering DiabloSport Until Facebook Visit
  181. PCM update?
  182. Personal tuning software?
  183. HELP, I need a 6.1, Nag1 Original Tune File using HP Tuners
  184. Tuning question.
  185. Installing tune affect sport mode or no?
  186. Looking for some wiring diagrams/pinouts, and a weird remote start issue
  187. Welded in my bung for the LC2 sensor... Not sure I put it in the best spot, help!
  188. Mopar performance tcm with hp tuners
  189. Any way to shut off rear O2's without custom tune?
  190. I2 Data Logging
  191. Using Trinity and a custom dyno tune?
  192. 2016 5.7 forged bottom and E85/nitrous tuning questions
  193. Tune for towing
  194. Anyone have AJ's contact info?
  195. Diablo / EGR delete
  196. Overkill
  197. Throwback dyno....
  198. New security gateway module for 2018+
  199. TCM w/HPT
  200. Diablo 8 speed tuning Beta testing!!
  201. Diablosport TCM Beta Testing - User feedback
  202. Add Fuel for Long Tubes? Tuning for long tubes?
  203. 5.7L Ignition Timing Table - 5.7L
  204. Dumb question about ESP
  205. laptop
  206. How to get stock Challenger R/T tune???
  207. New Alternator recall and tuning issues?
  208. 2005 Magnum / InTune shift points
  209. Ported 6.1 Intake, CNC 6.1 Heads, Custom Cam, Long Tubes, 11.5:1 55lbs injectors on E
  210. post cat 02 sensor codes block?
  211. PCM Flash
  212. Trinity custom tune questions
  213. Can I program GEAR RATIO with StarScan?
  214. How long have people waited to receive an unlocked pcm and a diablosport trinity afte
  215. uhhh diablosport trinity ... what did you do to my car??
  216. PCM dyno numbers
  217. Any 15+ A8 cars with custom (not canned) TCM tune ?
  218. Hp tuners
  219. 6.1 Diablo tune
  220. Wideband
  221. Diablosport Trinity Question
  222. Ready to Upgrade Superchips after 11 years (2006 Maggie)
  223. Alternator voltage jumping around after tune
  224. Did you catch the new Trinity 2 at SEMA?
  225. Years of magnums that tune the best
  226. predator
  227. Trintiy Updates
  228. Diablo intune2
  229. DIablo in the PCM, HPTuners in the TCM
  230. Intune Question
  231. How do you do a stock PCM read?
  232. Questions about the inTune i3
  233. Adaptive reset with trinity issue
  234. Results are in...Hemi Fever tune VS Diablo canned tune.
  235. Results from dyno Mustang Dyno
  236. easy to work with injectors
  237. 180 TStat and Trinity
  238. Colder Spark Plugs
  239. HELP: Cam Phaser versus Lock - Cam Specs Inside
  240. Need a 6.4 (392) Edelbrock E-force tune
  241. First Trinity, update for trans tuning
  242. Trinity T1000 question
  243. need feedback on ECU
  244. PCM Program
  245. Tuning a hemi magnum
  246. Hptuners torque reserve launch control
  247. Livernois motorsports first to tune 2018 chryslers!
  248. Good Dodge FI tuners in the Northeast (NY/LI/PA)
  249. Need pcm help for 5.7 to 6.1 swap
  250. New to me 2009 SRT8 - Diablosport Tuner - What if my current tune isn't stock