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  1. How To Drive an LX Hemi on a Competitive Circuit
  2. I am with NASA now...
  3. CHEAP Nomex safety gear
  4. Hot Lap at Mid Ohio Video!
  5. We're GOIN' to Laguna!
  6. Laguna Seca in August: What day shall we run?
  7. Lx Road Course Preparation!
  8. Rear brakes for maniacs only
  9. Laguna again yesterday (Aug 22 2008)
  10. Thunderhill: Sept 19th. Be there.
  11. Buttonwillow Raceway: October 27
  12. Thunderhill Raceway: November 15
  13. Laguna Seca: December 4
  14. 20" DOT R compound radials are now available!
  15. Bluegrass Motorsports Park
  16. Putting Together My 2009 Track Schedule
  17. Buttonwillow Raceway, Cheap! January 24th
  18. Laguna Seca Raceway, February 12th
  19. Laguna Laguna ... *twice* in February
  20. I need your Prayers ...
  21. Road Racing: Hoosier R-Compound Tires/Wheels From HHP Racing
  22. Laguna Seca LXForums Lap Record Falls. Hard.
  23. LX/LC Road Course Records
  24. Saturday, April 11, ThunderHill... CHEAP!
  25. What Should I Pack For A Road Course Track Day?
  26. Infineon Raceway... back to back days! July 4 and 5
  27. Video: slugging it out on Laguna Seca today...
  28. Reno-Fernley road course event. CHEAP and coming soon.
  29. Racing on the Surface of the Sun Tomorrow :-(
  30. Thunder Hill lap record falls... off a cliff.
  31. This Friday, October 9: Infineon... Coming Up.
  32. What does it cost to road race, and will I crash?
  33. Infineon: 10/07/09... Day of Doom (almost)
  34. A New LX Road Course Record!
  35. 2010 Track Schedule - Make it a West Coast MnG Circuit?
  36. Just Adopted: Two Adorable Hoosier R100 Race Radials
  37. Pro Racing Web Site Guide.
  38. 24 Hrs of Lemons
  39. So you think you know how much gas is in the tank, do ya?
  40. Ready for the Road Course????
  41. NASA event at Lime Rock, April 30, 2010
  42. Stellino get my footballs ready!!!!
  43. NASA event at NJMP Lightening May 29th- 30th
  44. Road Racing 18" wheels...another option
  45. Asterick free record (for me...lol) at NJMP-Lightning
  46. New Road Atlanta Time Trials video
  47. NR Does Silverstone in a Formula Race Car (video enclosed)
  48. Remember Mr. "Flat-Out"?
  49. Brake duct cooling hose CHEAP!
  50. My new track wheels...
  51. New Jersey Motorsports Park new helmet rule!
  52. My Wifes Charger takes the win at Road Atlanta
  53. 1st track day of the year! NJMP - 16th (may be 15th)
  54. looking for a challenger body
  55. Cool vintage racing video.
  56. Limerock Park - 5/10 - *UNMUFFLED*
  57. Tires and more tires!
  58. NJMP - Lightning 4_17_2010 w/ video
  59. America Iron build underway soon
  60. June 28th NJMP - Thunderbolt
  61. Hot Lap Timer for Sale!
  62. BBII Goes Up In Smoke On Road Circuit!
  63. Terrible Crash in Australian Supercars Race!
  64. crash at CMP Sunday video
  65. Video from Limerock Park 5_10_2011
  66. Summit Point Nov 12-13 with EMRA
  67. Brake fade say hello to my little friend...
  68. Chasing down a Ferrari 360 Challenge at Limerock
  69. Off-throttle Fuel Cut-off Prior to Corner Entry
  70. Challenger Wins it's first road race
  71. SRT8 Unleashed on Road Course - Several Cars Destroyed (VIDEO)
  72. Tough day on the RoadCourse
  73. Video: Carnage at Calabogie - SRT8 eats CTS-V; S4; Viper; Mustangs . . .
  74. Challenger Racing @ Road Atlanta this weekend
  75. Is Anyone Else Running the Eibach Multi Pro R2 Coilovers?
  76. will be racing at Road Atlanta this weekend
  77. Road Race Lap Times: READ THIS
  78. Drift Charger on Racingjunk
  79. Road Atlanta spring race
  80. Roebling road race video
  81. My First HPDE Event at NJMP March 30th
  82. Video overlay software for FREE...Road Racers step inside
  83. I will be trying out for a Speed channel show
  84. 1st place in ITO with SCCA
  85. HDVideo: Calabogie Nights -Running with the Big Dogs
  86. HDVid: 300C SRT in GT Race - Calabogie June 2012
  87. DVid: 300C SRT in GT Race - Calabogie June 2012
  88. NASA June Jam Video
  89. example of tire deflection
  90. Learning from others, watch this 19 year old at Lime Rock, GTA Stock Car Class
  91. Eye Candy - SRT8 In Combat
  92. Air photos
  93. August 6th Road Course HPD Event, NJMP Lightning
  94. GT RACE # 4 - HD video
  95. I won i won i won !!!!!!!
  96. August 6th Road Course HPDE, NJMP Lightning
  97. Four fast but ugly laps
  98. VIDEO: Just Grabbed 2nd Place Road Racing at Big IMSA Weekend!!!
  99. I Won 1st Place in Final Race - 2nd Place for the entire Series!
  100. Challenger takes the win at Road Atlanta
  101. Road Racers - Do you know that Toyo has a DOT racing tire in a 20 " size?
  102. Challenger wins AIX NASA-SE @ Road Atlanta
  103. Santa's Toy run road race video
  104. 2013 Modern Mopar Track Day
  105. My custom helmet for 2013 I am blown away with his artwork.
  106. Anyone running 285's on the front?
  107. A very good piece of driving!
  108. SPEED To Feature 25 Hours of Rolex 24 At Daytona Coverage
  109. Calabogie GT Challenge!
  110. SRT Vipers at The 12 hrs. of Sebring!
  111. NR's Winter Build For Summer Road Racing
  112. 2013 Hooked On Driving Track Day- Pocono Long 2.5 miles Now we're being called out!
  113. NASCAR-powered Mustang.
  114. Power steering pump fix for the roadracers. Who's interested?
  115. Finished 2nd At Road Atlanta today
  116. 100 mph + srewup in Qualifying
  117. Race report and killer video
  118. A sad day for sportscar racing fans.
  119. Has anyone run Toyo Proxes R888?
  120. Challenger takes the win in AIX and a Third overall
  121. Got 1st in AIX today Qualified 4th I started in the back for fun--- VIDEO
  122. So, I thought I have seen everything in my 58 years! Check this out!
  124. Report from the Fall Fling @ Road Atlanta
  125. Video of me being hit twice in the same turn
  126. Who wants Sub Forums for Road Course and Drag Racing?
  127. Tough luck at the ARRC race
  128. Article about my racecar in Speed news Magazine
  129. New "At the Dragstrip" / "At the Road Course" Forums (replaces "At the Track")
  130. Thanks DMAG!
  131. Need a thread moved?
  132. Southern Ontario Clubs?
  133. SO... I ran Laguna Seca again ...
  134. The Road Course in car footage thread????
  135. Speed Comparison: GT vs. F1 (cool side-by-side video)
  136. Supercharger for Autocross / Roadrace ?
  137. Finished 2nd in points for 2013
  138. 18's or 20's Road Racing???
  139. 8 Piston Brakes
  140. Sumitomo HTR Z III belt failure
  141. Ontario Time Attack Reminder
  142. Ontario 1500: the Ultimate Gearhead Adventure!!!!
  143. Highly jealous- New WRX on Monticello Road Course, in the SNOW!
  144. Look what I found on ebay
  145. If anyone wants to autocross their vehicle....
  146. new 275/35/18 slick on the market ...
  147. Spring Rate Help
  148. Pedders Front / Upper A-Arm Adjustable Bushings - Unwanted Movement...
  149. Coilover Bump / Rebound Adjustment...
  150. Rear Cradle Float - Issues and Fixes?
  151. Aftermarket pedals for easier heel-toe shifting?
  152. New paint on the roof
  153. Stock brakes for stock tire hpde days?
  154. Famous Racing Quotes
  155. Spent Last Evening at Bogie Dialing in the Beast
  156. 3rd Place at Bogie Tonite!
  157. Field Trip to Hoosier Tire
  158. Practise Run Video at Bogie
  159. New MOSPORT DDT track CSCS Time attack event
  160. Longest road race course in the U.S.A. is here!
  161. Roadrace Challenger listed for sale
  162. Found this pic on Twitter - very cool!
  163. Toronto Track Days
  164. Power steering pump failures on 392 SRTs?
  165. New Hellcat Lapping at PIR: Video
  166. Vaporized Venison...
  167. Just Ordered a New Hellcat
  168. Practise on Friday; Race #7 on Saturday
  169. Dodge Returns To The Trans-Am Racing Series!
  170. Another Road Race Last Night . . .
  171. SRT track experience.
  172. GT Challenge Series Over - 2nd Place!
  173. Fuel Cell ?
  174. Roll Cage ?
  175. 300 Short Notice --Need Votes!! I just got the link for voting--one day left!!
  176. Which Power Steering Upgrade?
  177. SRT kills their Lemans racing program
  178. AutoX at Metlife Stadium 11.2.14
  179. NASA-SE Champion
  180. Racing Seats - Recommendations
  181. Road course vids & pics
  182. Date Feeler for AutoCross Event at Giants Stadium Meadowlands
  183. Complimentary Membership to NASANE for Modern Mopar entries to events
  184. Having Forgestar make me 18" Rims for Slicks - Need Correct Offset
  185. Fatal Injuries in Racing
  186. Racing my SRT8 at the Hockenheimring
  187. Strip - Cage - Race - The 2006 300C SRT8!
  188. 'Track Guys' TWS Mustang Roundup - Road Course Videos
  189. Porsche 918 vs. Mclaren P1. You gotta watch this...
  190. Here is a article done on me and the Challenger I built
  191. NJMP Lightning April 17, 18, 19 2015 Pic Heavy
  192. I know this is an LX forum but I thought some may appreciate this corvette build
  193. Question and Recommendation request
  194. Continental scrubs - Where are people buying them from?
  195. Aisa racing school
  196. Hellcat Has Been Unleashed!
  197. NJMP Thundebolt Pic heavy
  198. 2nd Race Calabogie May 23rd 2015
  199. Rear Cradle - Best Solution?
  200. Lapping at Calabogie last Friday - My 300C SRT8
  201. 300 NJMP Lightning Summer Sizzle 2015 July 24th, 25th & 26th
  202. CTS-V coupe, running with the Porsche group at VIR
  203. Adjustable Sways & Endlinks
  204. Road America October 3-4, 2015
  205. Off To "Run The Raceway" in the Morning
  206. Running Slicks & Custom Rims
  207. Durable rear bushing options?
  208. Anyone running the OBX oil pan?
  209. JustCompleted a 14 Hour Chump Car Marathon!
  210. some W2W race laps at VIR
  211. Heat Cycling a New Set of Nitto's a Week Ago
  212. Final Race of the Season At Bogie - 3nd Place! Pics & Video
  213. TheDriversEdge Texas World Speedway weekend report - Pics and Video
  214. Nurburgring - Viper vs Porsche battle
  215. World Championships...
  216. Fun Day at Streets Of Willow
  217. Want to get more into on-the-track racing this year.
  218. Never too early to start thinking about 2016...
  219. W2W Roadrace "2015 year in review" video footage.
  220. Is there a solution for pad knockback on these cars?
  221. 300 Hellcat Sway bar help
  222. 300 When you road race a 300CSRT8...........
  223. MVP Track Time 2016 Track Events (Come Drive With Us)
  224. Front Splitter - Material & Thickness
  225. Newbie at Roval Course at Autoclub Speedway!
  226. Charger going back to track days
  227. Didn't think I'd do that - HPDE at NJMP
  228. Joelvan Radiator install help ?
  229. How wide of wheels can you go up front
  230. Diff change
  231. 2011 Mopar Upgrades
  232. Best road courses on the east coast
  233. NASA HPDE Event at Homestead - March 2017
  234. Charger firming up rear cradle - Hopnot, or Whitline bushings?
  235. functional spot to place support rods for front splitter
  236. Charger Speedlogix billet rear arms alignment questions
  237. Never been on a track before. Questions
  238. First Track Day for the Scat Pack
  239. Attending Powercruise in August, need oil recommendation
  240. Prep for Track Day at Waterford Hills - Tire and Brake Questions
  241. Charger Suspension questions...
  242. Track Day w/ 13' SRT 300
  243. Finally Got the ScatPack out to the Track (with data results)
  244. Challenger Aero
  245. Stop it, Really I want to stop....
  246. Which Control Arms can take the beating - engineering wise
  247. Deciding coilovers; which ones?
  248. Charger Rt 392 track worthy
  249. Just got back from VIR- Michelin PS4 review
  250. Brake Rotors