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  1. Please welcome Modern Muscle Performance Group!
  2. Intro Supercharger Sale
  3. Customer Cars
  4. ? on your check valve to keep down pressurizing the crankcase under boost?
  5. 6.1 Intake Manifolds $399
  6. Tank you Dave!
  7. 255lph fuel pump kit
  8. Rockingham April 17th
  9. Eagle vs. 6.1 Intake Manifold
  10. 600 rwhp
  11. Great Guys
  12. Our Ported Throttle Bodies... The Facts
  13. Pricing on a supercharger kit or vortech?
  14. Thanks MM
  15. New 6.1 Adapters for 5.7's!
  16. Summer Show/Dyno Schedule
  17. Trinity Special for LX & Beyond
  18. I tryed a Ported Throttle Body
  19. Throttle body recommendation
  20. Thanks Shea,Thanks Dave..
  21. Return fuel system components
  22. 392 + Blower for a Jeep for sale
  23. Hey Dave you old Fart!!
  24. @ The Mopar Nats Aug. 13-15
  25. Chrome Plating Now Available!!!!
  26. Dyno or Time Slips for a 6.1L or 5.7L Intake Install
  27. See you all at ATCO
  28. New Phone Number
  29. Our New Web Site!
  30. 6.1L Cam Shaft for sale 150.00 Shipped
  31. Ported Throttle Body Special!!!!
  32. Win a $100.00 Gift Certificate!!!!
  33. 6.1L Intake For Sale
  34. Bring your Tools to ATCO
  35. Modern Muscle and Paramount Performance featured in Magazine.
  36. ATCO Event this past weekend
  37. Thanks Dave and Brian for getting me the win!!
  38. Now in Stock High Performance TCM 06-09 SRT8
  39. Cyber monday sale!!!!!!
  40. New Guy at Modern Muscle
  41. New Products at Modern Muscle!
  42. Cyber Monday Sale Part 2!!!
  43. Going to PRI Thur-Sat
  44. Cyber monday sale Part 3!!!!
  45. Another celebrity among us ...
  46. 250.00 Pro Charger and Vortech rebate Expires soon!
  47. New Item 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Replacement Block!!
  48. In Stock BT Billet Valve Covers !!!
  49. Help Wanted
  50. Eagle head gaskets for pre 2008 5.7 installs
  51. 6.1 plenum gasket - Help that catch can reduce oiling
  52. 09 5.7 400hp
  53. Should I Change to the Eagle head
  54. BT Catch Cans In Stock
  55. We are now on facebook!!!!
  56. Modern Muscle Ported and Powder Coated 6.1 Intake Manifold
  57. My apprenticeship and the '71 Challenger
  58. VVT Build
  59. LMI Hammer Design Intake on your website
  60. New look...
  61. New color option for the 6.1L intake?
  62. New site is up please check it out and you can win 100.00!!!
  63. Off to the races!!!!
  64. Billet Valve Covers Only 2 left!!!
  65. 87mm Throttle Body In stock and ready to ship
  66. Any Head and Cam package $100.00 off Installation
  67. V6 Owners 71mm TB in Stock!!
  68. New and In stock AEM 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller
  69. 87mm
  70. hey what gives
  71. Comming May 1st Forged Stock 6.1L Pistons!
  72. Do you have any 40-50lb injectors
  73. Modern Muscle-BT Billet Fuel Rails
  74. SRT 6.1L Damper 0 miles! will work on 5.7L Hemi as a under drive pulley
  75. 2011 Show Schedule
  76. Memorial Day Sale!!!
  77. Can an automotive dealership void your warranty? (A MUST READ)
  78. Thanks Modern Muscle!
  79. 6.1L Injectors for sale Free Shipping
  80. Modern Muscle Performance is pleased to announce!!
  81. All-Chrysler Nationals - Carlisle, Pennsylvania - July 9-11
  82. Trinity Special #1
  83. Diablo Trinity Special #2
  84. All-Chrysler Nationals - Carlisle 6.1L Intake Special
  85. Aeromotive 340 Stealth In-Tank Fuel Pumps In Stock!!!
  86. 6.1 Forged Pistons/Ported Eagle Heads
  87. New 6.1L Hemi Crate Motors In Stock Price Reduced!
  88. All-Chrysler Nationals - Carlisle PA
  89. Need help in Carlisle PA event!
  90. Modern Muscle Deal of the day!!!
  91. Deal of the day !!!!! 7-15-11
  92. Deal Of the Day! 7-19-11
  93. Deal Of the Day! 7-20-11 87MM PORTED THROTTLE BODIES!
  94. Feeler 392 Factory Motor Complete!
  95. Deal Of the Day! 7-21-11 71MM V6 PORTED THROTTLE BODIES!
  96. Group Buy Forged 6.1L Stock Pistons
  97. Buy A Diablo Trinity get $100 Cert.
  98. Deal Of the Day 7-22-11
  99. New and In Stock Cometic Gaskets!!
  100. Diablo and Trinity Sale this Weekend!!
  101. Group Buy! Ported and Polished 3.6L Pentastar Throttle Body
  102. Deal Of the Day! 7-27-11 Fuel Rails
  103. Deal Of the Day! 7-28-11 BT Catch Cans
  104. Deal Of the Day 8-1-11! Billet Roller Timing Chain
  105. Deal Of the Day! 8-2-11 SFI LX HEMI Flex Plate
  106. Deal Of the Day! 8-3-11 87mm Ported Throttle Body 20% Off!!
  107. DEAL OF THE DAY! 8-4-11 Eagle Intake Adapters!!
  108. Catch Cans on Sale 85.00!!!
  109. New Factory 392 6.4L Engine Now Avalable!! 09-10 R/T Owners!!
  110. Mopar Nats!! This Weekend Aug 12-14 Columbus Ohio
  111. Modern Muscle Featured in this months Auto Enthusiast Magazine!!
  112. Great company!
  113. Phone is not working.
  114. Need someone looking for future not job Help Wanted
  115. Modern Muscle Clearance Sale!!!
  116. More Pics From Mopar Nats in Ohio last weekend
  117. Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger 2005-10 Dodge/Chrysler SRT 6.1L Hemi Ready to Ship!!
  118. 6.1L Intake Color options
  119. New Product Line For Your Challenger!
  120. 6.1 Polished Intake Options?
  121. Now Avalible VVT Cam Limiters !!!
  122. RAM Street Dual Disc Clutch Challenger 6 Speed in Stock!!!
  123. Thank you!
  124. LMI Intakes Free Shipping!!
  125. 6.1L Hemi Aluminum Block Update
  126. $100.00 Off 6.1L Lifters complete set
  127. Got Heads?
  128. Got Blocks!
  129. Modern Muscle 5.7 Mods Face Off!!
  130. Deals of the week! Ported Throttle Bodies!!
  131. SRT8 OEM Shorty Headers For Sale!!
  132. DiabloSport InTune Pre-Order!!! and Get Free Shipping!
  133. Modern Muscle Black Friday Sale!!!!
  134. Modern Muscle going to PRI Dec 1st- 3rd
  135. 6.1L Powder Coating Special!
  136. New Product Announcements!
  137. Heading to PRI in Orlando Dec1-3rd
  138. 5.7L Eagle Intake and 6.1L Intake Spacers/adapters
  139. A work of art!!!
  140. Forum Special Chromed 6.1L Intake!!
  141. Dave, Thank You!
  142. New Twin Turbo Kit For Chargers/Challengers
  143. Thanks to Dave and Modern Muscle Performance
  144. 3.6L V6 Pentastar ported intake in the works
  145. Happy Holidays From The Modern Muscle Team!!
  146. 3.6L V6 Ported Intake Manifold Now Available!!!
  147. Now Available 6.4L APACHE HEMI CNC Ported Heads
  148. Feeler Custom High Capacity Oil Pan
  149. Custom High Capacity Oil Pan Interest List.
  150. 6.4L (392) Apache Heads In Stock!!
  151. Arrington 100mm Throttle Body For Sale!
  152. Max lift stock Eagle valve springs can handle?
  153. 5.7L VVT Head and Cam Package with VVT limiter results!
  154. Presidents Day Sale! Save big on all Modern Muscle Ported Throttle Bodies!
  155. Congrats to 1FST4DR for the win!!!!!!
  156. Thank You Modern Muscle
  157. 32nd Annual MDA Car Show Roanoke VA March 2-4th 2012!!!
  158. 5.7L Longblocks in stock!!!
  159. Free Shipping Deals!!!!
  160. Free Shipping on all LMI Intakes!!!!
  161. 5.7L Hemi For Sale!
  162. Clean out your PM box.....
  163. New Product MMPG 6.1 Mid Pipes bolts directly to 6.1 Stock Headers!!
  164. Congrats to Rupert on his new PB
  165. Nice Challenger, Dave!
  166. Just for the 5.7 Guys!
  167. 09 Challenger R/T Build- 392 VVT Swap
  168. Modern Muscle Billet Fuel Rails In Stock Ready To Ship!
  169. Mopars in the Park Dakota Fairgrounds - Farmington, MN. This Weekend
  170. Challenger 462 Aluminum N/A Build!!
  171. Monster Mopar Weekend June 8th, 9th & 10th Gateway Motorsports St. Louis, MO Madiso
  172. Deal of the day !!!!!
  173. Big Thanks To Dave and Modern Muscle
  174. Just for the 5.7 Guys! SRT OEM Shorty Header and Catless Mid Pipes
  175. A BIG thank you to MMPG!
  176. Polished 85mm Ported Throttle Body $110.00 Off!
  177. SRT OEM Shorty Headers Free Shipping!!
  178. Clearance Sale!!! 85mm Ported Throttle Bodies!!
  179. Dodge Challenger 2008+ Vent Gauge Pod Insert In Stock!
  180. Dodge Charger 2008+ Vent Gauge Pod in Stock!!!!
  181. RIP 6.1L Crate Engines
  182. just want to say thanks to M.M
  183. V6 Ported Throttle Bodies $279.99!!!!
  184. Modern Muscle 5.7L 6.1L High Capicity 10.5 qt Oil Pan
  185. 6.4 392 HEMI Intake Manifold complete ready to ship!
  186. New Lower Prices!!!!
  187. Retro USA Challenger Quarter Scoops on sale now!
  188. Retro USA Complete Chrome Challenger Kit On Sale Free Scoops Included!
  189. Clearance Sale Items!
  190. New 440 Short Block for Sale!
  191. CNC Throttle Body Porting Service Now Available !
  192. Now Avaliable New Axle Tone Rings!!!!
  193. 8.90 and 9.0x ?? I guess congratz are in order you guys!
  194. Trinity Super Deal!!!! Receive $110.00 Store Credit And Free Shipping
  195. Now Available 2013 Chrysler 300, Challenger and Charger! CNC Ported Throttle Bodies!
  196. New Product SRT 6.4L 392 Drop In Forged Pistons
  197. 69 Charger 6.1L Resto Mod Dyno Video
  198. Fuel system upgrades for e85
  199. Modern Muscle Black Friday Sale!!!
  200. Paramount Performance Sale! + Get Free Shipping!!
  201. Heading out To PRI (Performance Racing Industy)
  202. Here We Grow Again!!!!!
  203. May I have your attention please! MMPG Vendors Included!
  204. SO your drop in pistons are supposed to only handll 600 rwhp? liars I say!
  205. Holiday Sale Going On Now!!!
  206. Modern Muscle Gift Certificate Sale!
  207. Lowest Prices of the year Modern Muscle CNC Ported Throttle Bodies! 3 Days Only!!!
  208. just wondering
  209. Happy Holidays From Modern Muscle!
  210. Thanks For The Great Service
  211. New PCM Controler For your Resto-Mod Modern Hemi Coming soon!
  212. Paramount 8.8 Rear Diff and DSS Drive Shaft Combo Deal!!!!
  213. WTB: 5.7 to 6.1 intake manifold conversion package
  214. Now Available AEM Wide-Band Fail Safe Gauge!
  215. Modern Muscle CNC Ported Heads On Sale Now!!!
  216. Go-Wing Rear Spoiler 2009-12 Challenger Special!!
  217. Arrington Throttle Bodies on Sale with Free Shipping!
  218. 392 ProCharger Tuner kit is ready
  219. 2005 to 2008 LX Tune Up
  220. Additional Capacity Oil Pan (new info)
  221. 6.1 Intake Powder Coating
  222. Power on a BUDGET
  223. Install Shop List
  224. Three levels of Paramount Nag1
  225. Pistons Best Friend
  226. 392 Apache heads valve clearance
  227. New 6.1L SRT Heads $499.99 Each!!!!
  228. Modern Muscle Head Porting Service Now Available To All Vendors and Customers!
  229. 3.06 and 3.92 Getrags LSD Clearance Sale!!!!
  230. CNC Ported and Polished Heads 5.7L 6.1L 6.4L Info Thread
  231. Thermalnator 6.1L Hemi intake manifold spacers on sale!
  232. Modern Muscle | Billet Tech Fuel Rails (Pre-Order)!!
  233. Help Wanted - Looking for Auto Tech and more
  234. Mopar Flywheel and Clutch Packaged Deal Save $587.00!!!!!
  235. Stage II
  236. Free Shipping on all AEM Gauges !!!!
  237. Spring Cleance Sale Thread
  238. New Product In Stock! Crane Cams Hemi Valve Spring Compressors
  239. Now Available Challenger Billet Hood Hinges!
  240. Axle Upgrade for Older SRTs
  241. Edelbrock Superchargers Receive $500.00 Cash Back And More!!
  242. Challenger Quarter Scoops Color Match Group Buy!
  243. New Resto-Mod Site!
  244. 3.6L Diablo Intunes Are Here!!!!! Free Overnight Shipping!!!!!!!!
  245. New 6.1L Factory Crate Motor In Stock and Ready to Ship!
  246. Catless Midpipe for 6.1?
  247. 2013+ Polished (outside) Ported Throttle Bodies Now In Stock
  248. New and in stock aem e85 high flow fuel pumps!!
  249. 5.7 eagle manifold to early 5.7 heads
  250. Modern Muscle Heading out to Carisle PA Chrysler Show!