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  1. Please welcome Flashtech! Our latest site supporting vendor!
  2. Patent Pending LED Halos! The most advanced Halo ever designed!
  3. Patent Pending LED Halo Colors Plus Led Halo vs CCFL comparison!
  4. Dodge Charger Projector retro fit! Pictures and Info inside!
  5. 300c Projector Foglights! Check out the installed pics inside!
  6. Flashtech LED HALO user review by Tran Manh
  7. FLASHTECH Red LED Halo Photoshoot!
  8. Magnum LED rings!!!!!!!!!!! Get in line these are gonna go fast!
  9. Dodge magnum led halo group buy!!!
  10. 300C LED HALO RINGS! Get in line these will go quick!
  11. Charger 6 RING Sublime GREEN LED halo kit + custom paint!
  12. New HALOs
  13. Gc srt8?
  14. We need LED Halos too
  15. Omg green led flashtech halos!
  16. 300c GROUP BUY! Be the first to own the patent pending 300c halos!
  17. LED Halo Install Wiring
  18. My LED Halos And HID Conversion
  19. Dual color Charger Bullet series Halo Group buy!!! Ends june 30th!
  20. Big Smooth custom Led halo headlights!
  21. Purple halo teaser pics! Installed!
  22. Foglight halo's....
  23. My Flashtech install
  24. Newest Flashtech employee....Wes
  25. How to Install
  26. New look for Big Smooth
  27. Projector Fogs?
  28. Magnum Projector conversion
  29. Flashtech is moving on up! check out all of the new updates!
  30. HUGE SALE on Charger Purple LED Halos!!!
  31. Charger TALLIGHT LED Halo Group Buy!!!
  32. LX Fog Light LED Halo Group Buy!!!
  33. Inquiry
  34. Seeking interest???
  35. We now have YELLOW LED halos in stock!!
  36. You can call us now!! Also order over the phone too!!
  37. Fellow V6 300 Owners Roll Call
  38. Flashtech Halos
  39. Attention flashtech.......
  40. Flashtech Retrofit Headlight Teaser Pics
  41. 300C and Magnum Bullet LED Halo Group buy
  42. I'm gone!!
  43. 08 Mag
  44. A little update for everyone!!!
  45. HID Bulbs for Stock 300C
  46. Paint LED Halos?
  47. Flashtech Rear Halo's Installed With Pics.
  48. First Flashtech Blue LED Fog Halo's Installed On A Charger!!!
  49. mt RED Halos by Flashtech
  50. My Full FT Halo Install!!
  51. Voltage Regulators
  52. Where did you guys mount the regulators?
  53. Halo connection diagrams for the Regulator!
  54. Update on Bullet halos
  55. Newest Amber Halo's Installed!!!
  56. Bullets are SHIPPED!!!!!
  57. BLOW OUT SALE on it ALL!! Ends OCT 23rd
  58. Regulators are for sale
  59. Who wants LED interior/exterior bulbs?
  60. Maganum LED HALO
  61. hello??? anyone there???
  62. Instillation
  63. FogLight Halo - returned for repair
  64. *Pics*2008 Magnum Headlight Halos Finally!!!
  65. LED HALOS flickering
  66. *Finished pics* '08 Magnum headlights
  67. BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS! Lowest prices ever take advantage of our 24hour sale!
  68. Steve
  69. Challenger stuff?
  70. So whats the problem??
  71. HOLIDAY sale! ALL LX VEHICLES! Ends January 1st 2010!
  72. A Few Updated Pics of My Flashtech Halo Setup
  73. Halos in my Fogs....
  74. Voltage Regulator
  75. Halo Issue on Passenger Halo LED
  76. Our internet has been since yesterday....
  77. Halo
  78. Spring project...
  79. Is there a current Package for LED Halos and Voltage Regulators?
  80. We were closed all day Monday 2/8/10......
  81. Flashtech Bullet halos with a twist *VIDEO*
  82. Closed 2/16/10
  83. My Projector with Blue Halos
  84. 2 color halos
  85. Flashtech Retrofit Headlights installed (Pics)
  86. Overstock Spring Sale!!!!
  87. Steve/Wes: I need some help.......
  88. Well where are my Halos and Hids
  89. New halos??
  90. Voltage Regulator Wiring
  91. Interior and Lic Plate LED's
  92. Need pricing
  93. My Flashtech Halo Setup***Pics Added***
  94. Problems with aac
  95. Flashtech Fog Halos Finally Installed
  96. Flashtech Halo Install
  97. LED halo install questions
  98. Thanks Flashtech
  99. LED Halo Pics... 300C, SuperBee, Jeep SRT
  100. prices on halos
  101. Wes / Steve check your pm's...
  102. Hey guys, need a 300 base, magnum, and charger for new headlight project!
  103. I am having a problem with a recent HID install...
  104. Check out the lastest FLASHTECH Music video
  105. 300c flashtech turn signal mod
  106. Problem With Halos
  107. Dodge charger tailight complete assembly sale! As low as $499.00!
  108. Wes is gone...
  109. 2008 gc
  110. projector lamps
  111. Group buy!!! Bullet headlights and Foglight v.2010
  112. I want halo's but.....
  113. Weekend sale for 1 kit only!!!!
  114. Need item purchased/money/answer
  115. Post your FLASHTECH Halo pictures!
  116. Attaching LEDs
  117. 32v HID Kit for All dodge Vehicles!
  118. Flashtech Led Halo Conversion Kits
  119. white led halos for the 300c headlights and fogs
  120. FLASHTECH has a booth at SEMA!! Come say hi!
  122. Magnum Headlight and fog halo kit
  123. Can Someone Please Contact Me
  124. Projectors..
  125. Does flashtech offer painted headlight housing?
  126. SEMA 2010 Sneak Peak!
  127. Thank you Flashtech!
  128. is your phone ringing?
  129. sema demo! charger fogs preinstalled with halos!
  130. just in time for christmas! New entry level hid kit!
  131. sema demo! 300c fogs preinstalled with halos!
  132. foglight halos
  133. Pre Black Friday sales!!! 15% off halos
  134. hey guys...
  135. show me your Flashtech amber halos
  136. Black Friday - Cyber monday sale! Lowest prices ever!
  137. triple led halo (white) in dodge chareger oem hid hedlight. price incl. installation
  138. HID fog lights?
  139. So we took a Flashtech field trip. Come see what we went and saw.
  140. ??? For those with Flashtec Halos, etc....
  141. anyone painy thier LED Rings?
  142. 2 Day Christmas Charity Sale!!!!
  143. Started the halo adventure
  144. LED Halo install really not that bad pics of finished product.
  145. For Sale: New Magnum lights with you choice color halo
  146. Yo wes!!!!!!
  147. 300c Halo deal of 2011! Head and foglight packages!
  148. Magnum Halo Sale!!!
  149. FS: NEW Charger Headlights with halos and FREE Paint!!!!!
  150. Public Apology to Wes & Flashtech
  151. Who do I need to talk to?
  152. Check out our new eBay store!
  153. Order shipment
  154. Considering Halos. Need some Info
  155. NEW! Flashtech LED Interior Bulbs!
  156. Address needed
  157. Anyway to do ignition wire mod?
  158. Tail Halos needed ASAP.
  159. Please tell me you test these led halos
  160. magnum with eye lids
  161. Need to add to my order guys!
  162. Looking for a package deal
  163. Wondering if you have done this???
  164. helpwiring Oznium remote to Flashteck Regulator
  165. Here we go Halos!!
  166. One dim LED halo - any ideas?
  167. Regulator Issue
  168. Defective Ring - Please reply
  169. New 300c Headlights with HALOS and PAINT
  170. Flashtech Contact Info!
  171. Flashtech Warranty Program!
  172. Colour options for Fogs..
  173. Shipping Changes
  174. Caliber srt4
  175. FS: Flat Black 300c heads W/Halos *PICS*
  176. replacement LEDs
  177. Problem:Halos off w/remote setup
  178. Which wire do I tap into for turn signal halo
  179. Flashtech DUAL Color halo SALE! Only a few sets left!
  180. ATTN: I'm Leaving Next Week...
  181. Remote Suggestions?
  182. Halo Problem
  183. NOLA Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief Concert
  184. No response?
  185. Pics of a few projects we've done recently
  186. Regulator wiring instructions for LED halos.
  187. A couple more pics of recent headlights we've done!
  188. New Shipping method with pics.
  189. A few pics of our reorganized shop.
  190. Doing a triple halo ring install...Advice?
  191. Just a quick thank you to Wes and Steve.
  192. Need help ASAP
  193. Glad I can say that I am done installing my Triple Halo's,AHHHH
  194. SALE!!! Charger Taillight LED Halos On Sale *Pics*Videos*
  195. 3 leds flickering only ones...
  196. Custom Made Halos?
  197. Installation question
  198. Finally installed, minor issue...now with PICS!!!
  199. are you guys alive?
  200. That Wes guy is a good dude
  201. Aftermarket Headlight LED halo install --in progress--
  202. Finally, I got my fog halos installed!!!
  203. Would like to order
  204. Please contact me
  205. BLOWOUT Sale!!! On LED Headlight HALO Kits $99!!!
  206. Big changes at Flashtech! Check out what we are doing!
  207. Charger Duel Color LED Halos-$149 shipped
  208. GB by Kosmokustoms??
  209. Looking for info on Kosokustoms group buy
  210. Black Friday - Cyber monday SALE!!!
  211. I'll on vacation again....
  212. Do you guys have HID cores in stock to cut down on down time?
  213. Thanks Flashtech
  214. flashtech regulator...possible issues HELP!!!!
  215. anyone home?
  216. 3 leds out on my taillight halos until driving for a while
  217. Was there or will there be a new version of Halos?
  218. Magnum halo's?
  219. all quiet on the flashtech front?
  220. Are you guys out there?
  221. *Video* New Halo Teaser
  222. New Products! New Employees! New vision!
  223. Big ups to flashtech
  224. New Flashtech RGB Halo and 14v Halo Release Information
  225. Flashtech New Halo Group Buy 2012
  226. Flashtech Halo wiring help Pics included
  227. Installation of the new FLASHTECH RGB HALO KIT!
  228. First Magnum with RGB Halos!
  229. Video Flashtech Color Changing RGB Halo's Instaled on 300! More Videos also!
  230. 2012 CHARGER!!! with RGB Halos...added to GROUP BUY!
  231. Nooooooo!
  232. You can add new Headlights and/or Foglights to your GB Halos at a Discounted rate!!
  233. Fog Light Instructions
  234. RGB Halo install
  235. It has begun...
  236. turn signal halo wires?
  237. Yo Wes!
  238. Challenger RGB Install Help
  239. **14v HALO SALE** All White Kits On Sale!!!
  240. Thanks Wes & Steve
  241. Installation Instructions?
  242. 300 v6 flashtech halos???
  243. Help
  244. question for flashtech
  245. Closed - Due to Hurricane Isaac
  246. --
  247. **NEW** Fusion v2 Square Halo's for New Chargers. New Design! External Resistors!
  248. NEW RGB HALO Introduction: V2 Fusion RGB Halos!
  249. Lighting mods
  250. Check out the brand new flashtech site!